Sunday, March 15, 2015

Study: Technology tiredness costs Germany prosperity –

Germany slept through the Digital Revolution: The German economy uses digital technologies is far much less than other leading industrial nations and presented by growth potential. This is the result of a study by the consulting firm Accenture, the possession of the “world”.

In the analysis of 17 economies Germany reached number nine – just ahead of China. Most penetrated by the digitization are therefore the Netherlands, followed by the US, Sweden and South Korea. The least prepared for future technological developments are India, Italy and France. The authors criticize especially that German companies have been developed in almost every sector of remarkable digital business models. In addition, Germany had to catch up with the infrastructure and the rules for the digital economy. The digital strengths of the German economy belong, that German companies are world class is to use technology in production and to take into account in their own corporate strategy technological developments, the authors write. Greater use of technology in the coming years could help drive according to the study, that the German gross domestic product would grow far more by 2020, as under the present conditions. The greater use of technology, the German economy around 75 billion US dollars, or 70.6 billion euros could be higher. Worldwide, the increased use of technology in extra wealth in the amount of About 1360 billion, or about 1.28 trillion euros could create.


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