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Allianz GI: Technology before next innovation cycle –

12th March 2015, 14:44

The technology sector is at the beginning of a new cycle of innovation. The experts of which go from Allianz Global Investors .

Allianz GI

Apple store on Fifth Avenue, New York

Hightech should therefore even more than previously penetrate into all areas of life. Technology will take according to the Frankfurt fund company in the coming decade ubiquitous and beyond the IT significantly stronger impact on nearly every industry.

Industry in constant change

Sebastian Thomas, head of the US technology research and portfolio manager, says: “Today’s technology sector has little in common with the industry as 2000, the bubble burst, and the next ten years are likely to be similar dynamic and produce a variety of innovations. We are in the early stages of a new cycle, which should be exciting for customers, cataclysmic for companies and industries and attractive to investors. “

Mergers and acquisitions are likely to change the sector as well as the possible trend that technology companies to penetrate deeper into the value of the industries that they currently supply more. “Those who invest in companies developing technologies for completely new business models that should benefit from significant long-term capital appreciation,” said Thomas.

Internet has spread rapidly

The last 15 years have shown, according to the experts how technology is changing the economy. In 2000, a mere 361 million people used the Internet, often unstable over modem connections. Amazon broke through in sales for the first time the mark of one billion US dollars, the survival of Apple was questionable, Google and Alibaba were start-ups, and the current CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was still in high school.

Fifteen years later, the company said will be assessed together in the stock market with over a trillion dollars and generate an annual cash flow of nearly 90 billion US dollars. The number of Internet users worldwide increased eight-fold to over three billion in 2014.

New trends ahead

By 2030, Thomas following trends expected.

Antiquated network architectures companies are more and more alternative solutions with more functionality, higher performance, and – replaced at a lower cost

Falling chip prices – due to central cloud computing and software as a service. and more diverse applications lead to a rapid growth of the “Internet of things” in which technology increasingly diverse functions in everyday objects to watches or jewelry on the application comes

The “Industrial Internet”. Automation It is progress in the field of secure payments, the driverless car mobility and in the production of intelligent robots.

technology companies develop the investor-friendly use of their cash holdings new groups of investors.

The analysis of digital and technology risks for companies developing next financial parameters to a fixed constituent of Business Analysis.


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