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Secure technology Scytl support of 30% of the countries that kept 2014 election year, and creates the basis for innovation trends for safe, transparent and accessible election and governance technology in 2015

BARCELONA, Spain -. (BUSINESS WIRE) – 16/03/2015 –

Due to a number of countries around the world that were proactively the need for electoral and governance modernization justice, the year 2014 has set standards for governments that now have confidence in the innovative technology for reliable, transparent, accessible and efficient elections. The main reason for this development was the use of safe Scytl technology by 30% of the countries that have held firm elections in 2014.

“We are extremely proud to see how the Scytl eDemocracy solutions both public and private organizations move around the globe in a position to influence positively the lives of citizens by contributing to a higher acceptance of electoral and governance procedures and results, “said Pere Valles, CEO of Scytl.

The outstanding features of the innovative, secure and scalable Scytl voting technology:

  • European Union: Scytl Election Night Reporting for the publication of the results of the world’s largest multinational choice implemented successfully
  • India:. Scytl Online Voting solution under one of the world’s most successful elections in use
  • France. Scytl online voting solution not only in 3 ministries (education, Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs) in use but also to support the world’s largest online choice.

Taking up the new technology is consistent with the global paradigm of 2014, which is will continue in 2015. In new democracies, citizens insist to choose on their right and articulate their significant protest, while in mature democracies, voter turnout continues to decline often.

Regardless of country and maturity of a democracy to provide an innovative and proven technology to lead the conduct of elections to a higher turnout and pull more transparent and efficient electoral process in all phases of an election by itself: from the financing of election campaigns and online voting through to performance analysis and reporting

Outlook. Analyst – Independent analysts and organizations around the world can convince more and more of the benefits of innovative solutions for modernization of Wahlverfahern, the online voting and e-governance technology: IDC Report: Implementing End-to-end verifiable online Voting, IDC: Delivering end-to-end Election Modernization roadmaps, Frost & amp; Sullivan: Government Online Voting and Election Modernization Innovation and Leadership, Ovum: An End-to-End Election Modernization Platform and Forrester Research

Europe – . Trends show that the benefits of more efficient election management systems also a growing interest in the use of online channels can be observed: online elections, online referendums and online voter registration. In addition to satisfying the demand for better coordination between citizens and their political parties and governments by the additional use of eGovernance technology. Among the countries and governments that were supported by the Scytl eDemocracy platform, such as the European Union (28 countries and 24 languages), Norway, Iceland, France and Switzerland.

Asia-Pacific region – The interest in and need to use online channels in a region with a high proportion of the population overseas continues to grow. The provision of efficient solutions via online channels for the registration of voters and conduct of elections and to communicate the results continues. This development is a growing interest in securing the participation via eDemocracy and using online consulting projects associated. Important examples of the implementation of Scytl online voting technology are the countries of India, Australia and New Zealand

Africa and the Middle East -. election technology projects are most commonly located in the following areas : biometric voter registration, online channels to improve voter turnout, efficient online training and online transmission of results at home and abroad, as well as improving the eGovernance method for optimizing the parliamentary interaction. Among the countries in the region, employing successfully Scytl technology include, among others:. Libya, Ethiopia, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates

Latin America – The focus is still very heavily on an efficient and transparent reporting of the results. Moreover, there is strong interest in the use of online channels for the modernization of elections (online voting and e-voting) and technology to improve voter participation and civic engagement in terms of a modern digital democracy and online referendums. Leader in the modernization of elections are the countries Peru and Brazil which Scytl online using voting technology in elections in more than 25 private sectors

North America -. The technology trends in the United States include the growing bipartisan support online voter registration, the growing acceptance of general “Vote Center” and early voting, which requires electronic voting Books and flexible ballot, and the demand for secure electronic solutions for the delivery of the ballots. Canada steadily increased its investment in online voting technology to improve safety and accessibility, as well as the turnout. At the regional users of Scytl solutions include 20 municipalities in Canada and more than 1,600 jurisdictions in 37 states. Both countries are searching for methods to improve civic engagement and voter participation by citizens online portals and consulting areas.

About Scytl
Scytl is a worldwide leader provider of secure electronic voting Wahlmanagement- and solutions. Scytl specializes in technologies for the modernization of choices and offers the first complete Wahlmanagement- and coordination platform that meets the highest standards currently in force in terms of safety and transparency. Scytl has been dedicated more than 18 years researching into coasters in elections for secure encryption technology that is protected by over 40 international patents and patent applications. This Scytl is the company with the largest patent portfolio in the industry.

The solutions of Scytl be used for ten years in about 38 countries around the world, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, France, Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the United Arab Emirates, India, Iceland and Australia. Scytl is based in Barcelona (Spain) and maintains strategic offices in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru and Greece, as well as offices in the UK, Ukraine, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Australia. For more information, see

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