Sunday, March 22, 2015

Magic Leap: This VR technology could revolutionize the future of gaming –

Magic Leap is a PR firm that has released an impressive new video the new VR / AR technology shows. The video shows scenes from a specially developed ego-shooter in which you fight against Egosperspektive from the robot.

There was a long silence at the Magic Leap technology, the video is the first official material for it. If the video really represent the current state of technology, we can look forward to a technological revolution. According to the company the shooter “Victory” is already fully functional, whether this is true, can not currently check doubt. The developers said:

“Unfortunately we did not make it to the (Innovation Fair) TED, but we wanted to share something with you that we really wanted to show at the conference “

” This is a game we are playing in our office. “

Magic Leap reminiscent of Microsoft’s HoloLens, but goes one step further. Using a hologram technology moving 3D images are projected directly into the eye of the user. The technology has been shown behind closed doors and inspired many investors. Google alone has invested more than $ 500 million, otherwise for example, are still the chip maker Qualcomm and the production company Legendary Entertainment involved
we think.

Unbelievable! If the technology really already be sufficiently advanced, then we can look forward to a terrific game tomorrow!

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