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1366 Technologies (Bedford, MA, USA) and Q-Cells (Thalheim, Germany) enter into a long-term strategic partnership to the efficiency and quality of solar cells to increase, thereby reducing their costs dramatically. This was announced by both companies on 05.03.2015 known.

Together, the two companies are working on the development of direct wafer technology of 1366 to commercialize them and later use in the solar cells from Q-Cells.

Once the direct wafer technology is successfully commercialized, the companies expect to expand the partnership. Among the possible options for the delivery of direct wafer from the production of 1366 at Q-Cells heard.

The partnership will cover global demand for high-performance photovoltaic

“Our mission at Q-Cells is to be at the forefront of photovoltaic technology and to bring innovations quickly into mass production,” said Seong-woo Nam, CEO of Q-Cells.

“The direct wafer technology ™ 1366 is innovation at its best. We are to become and deliver significant cost savings for simultaneous quality improvement convinced of its potential commercialized.”

photovoltaic costs are reduced, performance of solar cells increases

“There is a strong testament to our technology that Q-Cells has recognized its great potential to improve the performance of solar cells and reduce the cost of photovoltaics,” says Frank van Mierlo, CEO 1366 Technologies.

“Q-Cells is recognized for its commitment to innovation and quality in the world and has set many technical standards for the industry. We could not be more proud to join forces with a company that already for a long time is the focus of global solar revolution. This fits perfectly. ”

Compared with today’s multi-level and energy- and capital-intensive methods are multi-crystalline wafers during direct wafer process of 1366 Technologies formed directly from molten silicon. The result is a more uniform wafer whose preparation is half the price. The technology also has the significant advantage that it is seamlessly used for 60 percent of the PV market, since not a single new device is necessary.

1366 Technologies expands production plant with 250 MW capacity

1366 Technologies is to build on the way, in the United States, a 250 MW facility. Construction is scheduled for the third quarter of 2015. To date, the Company has raised more than USD 64 million from private investors, including the Hanwha Group, which has participated in the Series B round of the 2010 business.

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