Sunday, March 1, 2015

Uncharted 4: Many dark portions where the flashlights … –

“Uncharted 4″ some technologies will be used, the Naughy Dog has spawned the development of “The Last of Us” and the New-gen remake, the developers made the previously clear. This includes the flashlight. So it is in: be many dark areas, where developed for “The Last of Us” Flashlight technology is used as a basis

The lead designer Ricky Cambier of “Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End”. naugty Dog has revealed some details on that in a recent interview: “Yes, there will be a variety of application scenarios for the flashlight, always in relation to the story. For example, in the demo presented [the PSX Event] Nathan has to go into a cave in search of his brother; . some of the secrets of the island will be available in the darkness

In addition, the designer Kurt Magenau said: “Yes, the flashlight gives us the opportunity to create darker areas and to consider the merits of the animations, . which are possible with the new hardware “

Finally, the director Bruce Straley said yet that the mechanisms associated with the gameplay:” The good thing about Flashlight technology is that we been to The Last of Us have used, even if it comes in a dark area, it is not really dark, when one uses the flashlight; thus, so to speak create a balance. Whenever we introduce new mechanisms, we want to make it as efficient as possible to make the game as a whole benefits from it. In this case, for example, use the flashlight at the puzzle to discover something or to highlight things around. Just as the crabs in the demo, crawling into a skeleton. Such small details become more important, by simply it lights the torch, which gives the feeling of being part of the game world. “

Uncharted 04 - Screenshot 07


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