Friday, January 8, 2016

Xbox One: New technology should Controller Charging the batteries in a minute –

At CES 2016, the company PDP currently a special controller battery before, which can be said to be fully recharged within a minute – hard to believe, right? A first prototype for the Xbox One, there are already on display at the trade show in Las Vegas.

PDP is one of a number of manufacturers who at the International Consumer Electronics Show ( CES) presents new gadgets. The company is currently working on a new technology with which controller batteries are to be charged in just one minute. PDP promises that the short charging time sufficient to provide a controller for eight hours with electricity.

“In the past it was mainly about dry batteries or lithium-ion or lithium-polymer, but we have developed a new type Power Pack.” explains PDPs Christopher Dingle, head for product development, compared with polygon.


With Charging Station the Power Pack for 99 dollars to have. (Source: Polygon / PDP / Microsoft)

“. It works rather a physical reaction than a chemical reaction,” clarified Dingle without deep going into technical detail.

The company estimates that the special battery charger for 99 euros will go on sale, pre-orders are made for the end of this year in prospect. Planned are versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but there is currently only a prototype for the Microsoft console – and is just a dummy without function.

The new technology is coming but not only for consoles used PDP also plans to mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones to provide you with the PowerPack.


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