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Nokian expands aramid sidewall technology from – CAR PRODUCTION

01.14.2016, 13:00 clock


As the tire experts say will be the use of so-called Nokian aramid sidewall technology in boost SUV tires. The new technology will be used in the SUV winter tires from 2016, puts it.

. Nokian aramid sidewall technology provides h & # XF6; logical strength Nearly all Nokian premium SUV tires are from 2016 so Aligned & # xFC; be stet image:. Nokian Tyres

Nokian aramid sidewall technology offers maximum strength. Almost all Nokian premium SUV tires will be equipped with it from 2016th Picture: Nokian Tyres

The aramid fibers, the Nokian Tyres use in the tire sidewall, stiffen and reinforce the sidewall of the tires and make them more resistant to damage and cuts, which easily lead to a flat tire can emphasizes the tire expert in a recent release. As the tire manufacturer further reported that Nokian Tyres market research has shown that flat tires are most often caused by damage to the tire sidewall. Driving in potholes with insufficient air pressure and careless driving to a sharp curb when parking are typical behaviors in which the tire wall will be damaged. Sidewall damage should, according to Nokian but not be repaired. With such damage, the tire should be replaced by a new one.

“This new innovation that improves the strength under extreme conditions, there is, manifests been well received by SUV drivers. The tire dealers are also excited about the new invention that is completely unique and its customers brings an additional benefit by enjoying carefree off-road driving and worry-free driving in the city, “explains Product Management Director Petri Niemi of Nokian Tyres. “We want to maximize the benefits of our existing premium tires and lead this innovation from the beginning of 2016 our winter tires, which are tailored to different markets.”
The Nokian aramid sidewall technology was for the first time in Test winner Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV spike tires used. A key product benefits, it is also at the Nokian Line premium SUV summer tires.


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