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mass production is possible because of the very time-consuming curing process is not necessary

It is expected that the technology is used for all industries in the field of composite materials, including automotive / aerospace / Building materials

SEOUL, South Korea – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 01/20/2016 –

Dong Sung CORP. (KRX: 102260) (CEO, Park Chung-Yeol, is the development of CFRTP (CFRTP: Carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics, carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics) technology succeeded and it is therefore at the forefront of growth the composites industry.

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Dong Sung Corp., a company that manufactures composites, including major new petrochemical precision chemicals and polymer materials, consists of five business units, such as two production facilities in Yeosu and Ulsan, and petrochemical, precision chemicals and polyurethane divisions. In addition, the material supplier Dongsung Doha Industry has acquired, a Korean company that supplies the automotive, agricultural machinery and aviation. Dongsung said that the acquisition will strengthen its portfolio of lightweight materials for the automotive and aviation industries

The R & amp;. E-Center of Dong Sung CORP. succeeded in developing the CFRTP technology, the large industrial parts can be formed by high-speed high-performance systems made of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics in one minute by impregnating high-strength carbon fibers in thermoplastic resin compound.

Because of Dong Sung CORP. CFRTP developed technology does not require lengthy curing process. This new method can produce uniform CF composite panels without a cavity and is an effective method for mass production of thermoplastic / carbon fiber composites. In order to market these products for automotive applications and other markets, the process needs a high clock speed of the dies. It also offers advantages such as flexible design and recycling.

Dong Sung CORP. has with this technology to Asian innovation award at the “JEC Asia Composite Show & amp; Conference “won in 2014 and has thermoplastic prepregs, LFT / prepreg hybrid overmolding materials CFRTP seat frame and organo sheet to prove the technology for its composite materials.

A representative of Dong Sung CORP. said: “We can reduce the weight of automotive parts by CFRTP technology”. He continued: “. We believe that it can be applied to all sectors in the field of composite materials such as automotive, aerospace and Materials”

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