Friday, January 1, 2016

Panasonic: Researchers develop stretchable material for flexible wearable … – Trends of the future

Researchers at the Panasonic Corporation have developed a soft, flexible and stretchable polymer material of resin, which is likely to inspire the modern technology Werarables in future. The up to 2.5 times stretchable material falls always return to its original shape. The remarkable thing is not only the flexibility but also the fact that here electrodes and sensors can be integrated.


A stretchable film for wearable technology (Picture: Panasonic)

resin material is extensible and robust

Recently, Samsung has with the new and World’s First Bio-processor of its kind for a stir in the tech world worried. Now Panasonic moves to the new and extensible film for sensors and related electronics. For SmartWatch manufacturers, Fitness Bracelet fans and alldiejenigen who simply depart on new technology, such developments come in handy. Finally, here completely new possibilities in the future to build the wearables even more efficient and further exploit especially the potential. The new flexible carrier material that Panasonic has developed, wearables makes it even smarter, more flexible and above all robust. Thus can be implemented flexible sensors not only in running shoes, but also in training shirts or running shorts. It is also possible the interesting Biowearables in the form of tech tattoos expand.


On the flexible support film, the researchers from the house of Panasonic now developed, flexible but also rigid components can be mounted. According to the researchers, the material is significantly different than previous flexible polymers. Finally, here is set to a special resin enriched with nanoparticles, which receives the special structure characterized as it abbindet under heat. Panasonic will introduce the new material in the context of Printed Wiring Boards Expo in Tokyo. The Expo will be held from January 13 to 15. According to experts, the new film already could be used robots in the near future at wearables, intelligent clothing but. To dig deeper into the matter, we recommend a look at the article by Business Wire.


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