Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Virtual Reality: Companies use … – Südwestpresse

In three dimensions go to the machine that exists only on the computer: So relationships should be easier to detect. In Schwäbisch Hall, the association Packaging Valley now opened a VR-Center


If customers can virtually go to their project, can show a lot better, what should be in the workshops at the end of the contract – this approach follows at least the “Packing Valley”. In Schwäbisch Hall, the club now opened a virtual reality center that enables exactly this. “A three-dimensional picture is worth a thousand words”, emphasizes Bernd Hansen, head of the Hansen Group and Chairman of the Packaging Valley.

In Solpark the member companies can now at a high technical level as their CAD data from the can transform design into a three-dimensional image and go with the help of 3D glasses and the big wall screen in its original size to the machine. This is done for a holistic approach “in cooperation with the construction, with IT, with technicians”.

For around 2,000 euros per day, the VR-Center can be rented by companies that are not members of Packaging Valley are. “Technology and personnel included,” says Kurt Engel, CEO of the association. While it is still too early to make definite forecasts, but the preliminary project period of three years should be extended. Engel is optimistic that the VR-Center can carry through customer projects themselves. “Even now, I am quite sure that we will have the necessary capacity in half a year about” says Engel.

VR applications are to be doing anything new. Sabine Gauger, responsible for marketing at Schwäbisch Hall packaging machinery manufacturer Optima: “We have started in 2011 with marketing use, that is, concretely, we have shown virtually equipment at trade fairs, which we did not have at the show on the spot.” Optima wants to implement the technology in the future also in the design and the processes “easy to quickly come forward to make things clearer to perform service training and involve the customer with”. Thus, for example accessibility studies are very easily realized. These are currently still housed the customer closer to wooden models. Further applications for VR technology are, for example, the ergonomic situation of the operator or its field of view

For Melchior Gentner, Regional Director South West at Heitec, the current state of the art, however, is only the beginning:. Important is the matching of the design and especially the control data for the machine in the virtual space. “A machine is driven by different drives. It is precisely this software will be used in the future to bring the machine and virtual working.” To date, work movements in virtual space nor animations that are pre-established and react to any changes in the 3D world. Heitec wants mid-2016 worked out a solution for the implementation of

Despite everything the company to move into the region, take advantage of the Virtual Reality, at the forefront of innovation: “Even the VR technology is nothing of. customer expects. Still excited and surprised the customers. This competitive advantage like we use, we want to be a technology leader, “says Sabine Gauger.


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