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High Speed ​​Scanner heart: technology for razor-sharp images of the … – ABC Online

The heart pushes 24-hour shifts to pump blood through the body. An institution which decides with every beat of life and death. As the FOCUS Online Trend question returned with GE , the majority of readers sees great potential in the non-invasive innovations of cardiac diagnosis.


The background for the new technologies in the field of heart medicine must be taken very seriously: every year 17 million people worldwide die of CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) 1 <. strong> where harden and narrow the coronary arteries. If a patient is affected by this disease, a quick and accurate diagnosis can be life-sustaining. After all, the KHK can i.a. lead to a heart failure patient. Proceeds this development, the patient is in critical condition 2

The FOCUS ONLINE readers refer to this topic a clear position:. Think 89 percent of that through innovations in heart medicine such as the revolution CT (one of the most advanced computed tomography) is not only faster and more accurate diagnoses are possible. They are convinced that some interventions on the heart could be obsolete by this technology. Only 11 percent believe that the doctor must continue to intervene invasively in order to get an accurate picture of the patient’s condition can.

So far in CHD patients potentially at risk was the disease through a special kind of X-ray examination, the angiography of the coronary arteries, including found. In this procedure, the cardiologist places a catheter through the blood vessels to the heart in order to assess the state of the organ can. A non-invasive method, it is, however, to examine the heart with a computed tomography (CT). Nevertheless, the patient is exposed even in this improved process a certain dose of X-rays.

Through the introduction of innovative technologies in the field of cardiac medicine, the Revolution CT, the heart and coronary vessels can be gentler and faster scanning. Similar to a very good camera, this optimized CT Scanner uses an extremely fast shutter speed. For the heart, during only a single shock imaged. Previously you needed several attempts for clear shots. 3 This is not only less stressful for the patient because they are exposed to radiation shorter. In addition, doctors are able to offer this form of diagnosis, people with high heart rate. Until now it was very difficult to diagnose such patients. 4



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