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Regulatory and compliance requirements increase the need for flexible, locally available technologies

Böblingen, Germany – – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 01/26/2016 –

The legislation relating to the data transfer between countries and regulated industries are located in the river. Accordingly, companies are looking for ways on how they can best deal with data protection issues in connection with investigations, regulatory information and data needs and compliance requirements. In response, Kroll Ontrack has introduced a unique service model today, which combines a mobile eDiscovery solution with consulting. Companies can collect data anywhere, analyze, process, filter and check.

The mobile solution from Kroll Ontrack combines powerful processing and verification technologies with expert advice on the spot. Thus data can be filtered, analyzed and tested without the data center or a permanently installed solution in the country. The computer forensics experts at Kroll Ontrack is able to carry out targeted data analysis. At the same time they are working hand in hand with compliance and eDiscovery teams and lawyers to identify locally specific user activities and to formulate evidence-based case strategies.

“Our mobile solution is characterized by high performance, mobility and flexibility. It allows us to our global customers even better and any place in their cross-border investigations support, “Wendy King, Product Director said at Kroll Ontrack. “In the past six months, we have seen a significant increase in inquiries from our customers who needed our support in complex and often sensitive investigations in regions or sectors with restrictive privacy laws or complicated regulatory provisions. Our integrated global solution will be implemented by consultants who are familiar with the legislation in force, the language and the cultural particularities of the local so that our customers have access to a powerful technology and on-site expertise whenever needed, anywhere. ”

Ediscovery more and more becoming an important element of business and corporate management, even in countries where Ediscovery is not required by law. The recently introduced by Kroll Ontrack Report New Frontiers in Ediscovery describes the rapid growth of Ediscovery in Europe and Asia. In particular, it shows the adaptability of the eDiscovery technology now comes in a wide range of legal scenarios for use and is therefore not confined to legal disputes.

“global companies and law firms set Increasingly versatile eDiscovery technologies for very different affairs, “said Mark Williams, CEO of Kroll Ontrack. “In particular, if mobile technology is combined with local consulting expertise, a better understanding of data can occur. And regardless of whether it is doing to the investigation of fraud and corruption around the world to catch up with the treatment of data for litigation in highly regulated environments, sectors and countries, or comes to highly sensitive information to internationally or in their own country operating companies. ”

Tim Phillips, Managing Director at Kroll Ontrack International Legal Technologies, adds: “Forcing the recent abrogation of the Safe Harbor Agreement, the new EU privacy regulation and the laws on state secrecy in China companies to their refine methods of data management and to look for concrete solutions on outstanding privacy issues. Such a solution provides our mobile eDiscovery solution. “

The demand of customers around the world by local expertise and support has led to an expansion of global data center network and an increase in the team for the Dokumentsichtung at Kroll Ontrack. In addition to the mobile solution and its five data centers in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan Kroll Ontrack operates more than 30 offices worldwide with legal professionals in order to offer its services throughout can. In addition to the opening of the German data center in Frankfurt am Main in May 2014. Kroll Ontrack opened early 2015 its French Data Center in Paris and in January 2015, the highly successful and fast-growing center for Dokumentensichtung in London’s judicial district. Since the end of 2015 provides Ontrack in Germany its customers from project teams lawyers to Dokumentensichtung available. These can be used in the new Document Review Centers in Böblingen and Frankfurt or locally within the company itself. Recently Kroll Ontrack announced that it will offer its eDiscovery services in future also in China to support its customers to comply with Chinese laws on state secrecy. In addition, the integration of Relativity in the services offered in the UK has been announced. This offer will be available from March 2016 in Tokyo. Kroll Ontrack is a Relativity Best in Service Provider and has been the provider for the Best Service Solution awarded the 2015 Relativity Innovation Award.

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Core competencies of Kroll Ontrack addition services Ediscovery and computer forensics, the professional data recovery, secure data erasure and data conversion. In Germany, Kroll Ontrack GmbH is represented by 60 employees since 1996 in Böblingen. Internationally, the company employs approximately 2,000 employees and offers its services in more than 20 countries.

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Kroll Ontrack Inc. provides information technology in the form of services and products that contribute to the efficient and cost management, recovery, analysis, processing and presentation of data. Customers are legal entities, companies, authorities and government agencies as well as private customers. Besides a wide range of award-winning software solutions, the company provides a wide range of innovative services. These include professional data recovery, compliance with legal documentation requirements in paper form and electronically held before business records, the analysis and evaluation of documents, computer forensics, data security services, advising lawyers, judges and juries in questions of electronically stored information (ESI) and the treatment of Information in advance of trial. Kroll Ontrack is the “Technology Services Group” of Kroll Inc., an international consulting firm that specializes in risk management. For more information about the services and products of the company can be found on the Internet at www.ediscovery.com/de.

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