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2016: The most important technology trends for CIOs and IT decision makers –

The information technology, as we know so far, is old news. The focus was far more likely that all systems were running, to improve and deepen the customer relationship today. And software is the basis for

Software making it one of the most important elements to ensure organizations are able to digitally convert and develop new, agile processes and to implement -. And therefore innovations quickly and safely putting them on the market

Here are the five trends that we believe them even greater attention will be given as 2015 2016.

1,. Container for a flexible, scalable development

2016 is the decades-cherished dream of a component-based development a reality, combined with agile, continuous development practices that organizations can convert faster than ever before , The focus will be on smaller services that can be implemented independently and continuously provide new features. The days in which users had to wait for fully updated applications are gone.

Container and Micro Services are much more flexible and scalable during the development process. You change the way how developers build, deploy and update applications. However, agile processes and methodologies are thus becoming increasingly important in order to be competitive and the customer needs the decisive meters ahead


A higher utilization of containers calls for a better control by the management -. As formerly the case was when PCs were mainstream. Companies need to address issues such as security, network optimization, storage and failovers because this Micro Services do not only have a variety of functions, but they also deliver several times per day upgrades and new features. To manage this new complexity and realize the full potential of the container trends, investment is needed.

. 2 Agile Security is launched

Security as an afterthought – Once upon a time. Safety aspects should rather in design, can be integrated into the development and implementation of an application. Since shorten development cycles must be taken into account during security planning and the development process of an application. The number of security attacks, the budgetary implications and the eye, which raises the management on making an important role for security within businesses imperative. 2016 is all about Agile Security. As the third pillar alongside DevOps and agile methodologies Security is the guarantor for fast software development.

In combination with the right tools APIs also simplify the security challenges for developers and enhance the impact of flexible processes. Thus they provide increased confidence in the customer experience. Thanks to modern security technologies and development process allows innovative applications program faster. Existing sensitive data and assets can be utilized while protecting.

. 3 Analytics is omnipresent and drives customer value above

Google Analytics have evolved in recent years of Business Intelligence towards transaction data and big data. Analyzes in real time 2016 used widely. By combining predictions (based on data) and a corresponding procedure can optimize the customer experience. The ever increasing personalization proceeds even further ahead in 2016: organizations personalize services, pricing models, products and their sales – and in real time

Analytics applications are protected by an appropriate security application.. This enables customers and their data is better protected than ever before. New analysis techniques to link behavioral patterns with machine learning to distinguish real customers from fraudsters. They also offer consumers seamless transactions and thus a better buying experience.

The bottom line analyzes are always most effective when they are applied to specific problems. Extensive analytics packages can process data while looking for the needle in a haystack – but they do not provide the answer that businesses need for their own challenges. Analytics will never be the in response to a question, but increasingly part of the solution for all .

. 4 Internet of Things becomes a reality – and not retain only an interesting option

Even if the Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology with great potential and part of the digital transformation, they are still infected in its infancy. Analytics and Security are the key to providing customers with added value. The different levels of IoT world make them vulnerable and offer more targets than ever before. IoT as a concept is the next wave of networking. The implementation, however, is extremely complex. Organizations need to analyze and understand these complexities. Only then can the value of the IoT exploit.

The Internet of Things 2016 nevertheless be an important topic and be mainstream. Devices require a provable identity, as well as to confirm and authenticate each data flow has – quite similar to the identity card in humans. Tools such as Identity & amp; Access Management (IAM) for IoT or IoT interaction tables (similar to those doctors when medication for interaction use) are required to ensure that equipment does not negate, duplicate or conflict with each other, when we interact with them.

. 5 Block chain finds its place

The surprise 2016 return and the improvement of its technology chain block. This block chain has a right to exist outside of Bitcoin transaction ledgers. Block chain was two years ago, a hype word with many startups and it looks as if the trend would be repeated – especially since the Internet of things developed rapidly and it is necessary that devices may be mutually linked safe and there are a record of the communication. A technology as block chain, which relies on a network of computers and is at the center of the data protection will be an important enabler for IoT and the each company’s digital transformation. This allows not only the operation make leaner, but it can also achieve better flexibility and higher customer orientation.

Software is the basis of any change

2016 companies have the potential to not only to meet their customers’ expectations, but to exceed them – namely by implementing agile processes and digitally alter its operation. Whether this is the above-mentioned five trends or other technology segments: A partner who can realize extremely complex and heterogeneous projects is extremely important. Business ideas that can be implemented in a five years ago unthinkable velocity, separate the wheat from the chaff – and thus identify the organizations that are successful in the competition. Software thus plays a crucial role for the success of the company.


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