Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Better 3D technology with the help of mantids – WinFuture

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“);} Researchers in the UK have mantises 3D glasses placed in order to better understand how their three-dimensional vision works Scientists at the University of Newcastle hope that the natural new inspiration for 3D technology. . Computers and robots

Ideal study object

The director of the study, Jenny Read, explains why the mantis is particularly suitable as an object of study: “praying mantises are great because they a show by their reactions, what they see. You can not move inside of her head her eyes. So if they are interested in something, they move her head to look at it. And they are predators. If you see something and think that they can get it, then they will also try that. “

‘) mantises have a 3D view, but see only in black and white. As early as the 1980s, researchers have found that these insects to see in 3D. If you show them a beetle in 2D, they do not respond, but as soon as he appears in 3D, attack them. The scientists want to develop with the help of observations new algorithms.

Better vision for robots

“We do experiments to find out what they can see and what they do not see. We check as many hypotheses about its 3D view. We constantly make new hypotheses. We refute sometimes and if we can confirm it, we hope that we are one step ahead and we will soon have an algorithm that mimics this view, “says Jenny Read.

The researchers assume that the 3D view of praying mantises as that is easier ours. It could help them for robots in the development of 3D view. Through the work of scientists could possibly also new treatments for people who squint, to be developed.


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