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10/27/2016: Conference on Health and Technology ‘at the HSG –

On 27th October 2016 8.30 until 16.30 clock will at the College of Public Health (HSG, Health Campus 6-8) in Bochum for the first time a conference on “Health and Technology”, which is based on the theme “eHealth in interactions” will focus.

“At the moment it comes at the conferences on eHealth to the technology or the supposed benefits for physicians and the health care system. The effects on the interactions per se, have hardly been the subject of scientific discussion. We want to change and therefore invite the end of October 2016, the HSG a “explained Dr. André Posenau, visiting professor” advice in the applied health sciences “Department of Applied Health Sciences in at the HSG, his motivation for organizing the conference.

“In the daily work of health professionals will find lots of new health technologies currently no or only rarely used. The fact that the innovation potential of new health technologies are not exploited, is only partly due to the lack of technical interoperability between software and hardware solutions. Above all, it is often unclear how new health technologies can be successfully integrated into existing treatment and interaction processes between treated and treated, “said André Posenau.

The focus of applied research and development lies in this sense still too heavily on the technical feasibility and too little on the consequences that have new health technologies for the relationship and interaction level of the treatment process, he added. However, these interactional effects are factors that significantly determine whether new technologies can be implemented in a sustained ongoing care processes.

In this context, the acceptance of new technologies is still low in many healthcare stakeholders. On the other hand however, many health-related technologies and software solutions for segments of society have become financially affordable, and partly also already spread. For this reason, the communication researcher wants to address the question of what it then needs to tap the diverse potential of this incoming in width technologies for the practice of health professionals.

The conference is precisely examine this issue. It is on the one hand to present results of scientific research on this topic and on the other hand offer providers and providers of eHealth applications, such as tracking products, Health Apps or smart textiles, the opportunity to showcase their products. This combination of application-oriented research with exemplary practical demonstrations should form the basis to discuss the pros and cons of new medical and therapeutic technologies.

The aim of the conference is an exchange between research and practice of technology-based health care to enable. Posenau: “It must be the task of such a discourse be to find scientifically proven solutions to tap the diverse potential of new health-related technologies effective and cost-efficient health care”

For more information see here.

Contact: Dr. André Posenau, School of Health, Health Campus 6 – 8, 44801 Bochum, Tel: +49 234 77727-650, E-Mail: andre.posenau (at)


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