Thursday, January 21, 2016

Baiersbronn: In new technology forefront – Black Bote

The Gottfried Braun GmbH 2016 to invest in a new technology in its own factory building, to generate energy and electricity from a fuel cell. At a company party, the company took stock and honored loyal employees.

Baiersbronn. Electricity and heat up together. Of these, Jörg Braun, CEO of Gottfried Braun GmbH, is convinced. “Innovations and new technologies have always been a pillar of our company,” said Brown, “so we want in this market segment from the outset be at the forefront.” Even last year they had the first fuel cell installed in a private home, which covers nearly 80 percent of domestic electricity. Surpluses of electricity are sold for higher heat loads a gas condensing boiler has been switched in modulating. The fuel cell in its own factory building will certainly have more power.

From a purely statistical Jörg Brechenmacher already more than half his life in the service of the company Gottfried Braun asked. “No wonder”, Jörg Braun said as he handed him the certificate Chamber of Crafts Reutlingen 40 years of service, that “much of what has been for the benefit of us all developed, bears your signature.” Mayor Michael Ruf gave the birthday boy who has evolved from trainee to technicians, the honorary certificate of the country. The wife of the recipient received a bouquet of flowers.

40 years would have made full in June 2016 Karl Haist who as after 39 years service person is retired. Honored were also Andreas Finkbeiner, Patrick Finkbeiner and Peter Finkbeiner and Norman Würth.

Only with a homogeneous force is let a craft operation of this magnitude lead successfully, Brown, of all thanking them for their identification with the company said, the rich until the job search in the circle. Thus, the company was able to again increase significantly, for example, with retail customers. Your reputation would owe in particular to its technicians, the specialists for ventilation, heating, sanitation, alternative energy and climate and swimming pool technology.

is satisfied counted with the financial year

Over the year the Managing very satisfied with the operating result in 2015, the company further informs in its press release. Until May of this year you have to do well on sites that have been launched in the autumn. By 2016, Brown is not afraid, because “the basic capacity utilization for the coming months is available.” In addition, the company’s boss reckons that “reinvested the industry vigorously”, as the interest rate level is at historically low levels. Given the requirements for energy efficiency, drinking water quality and barrier-free living stood the opportunities for the industry anyway good.

At present, the company is one of 88 employees, including 14 trainees and a DH-student, which corresponds to a training rate of 17 percent. Because of the importance of youth development, management

That is in addition to Walter Glaser and Martin Kopp appointed Toni Wurster another instructor. It is worth investing in young talent, shows that two trainees in 2015 to complete their final examination with good results could. Andreas Straub has even passed his master’s examination in the electrical trades with a one. About 75 percent of the technicians have completed their education at home. Also two awards marked the past year: On the one hand the company Gottfried Brown reached the second stage at the Grand Prix of the middle classes (we reported). Secondly, the award went to the company by the Association plumbing, heating and air “top instructors in SHK crafts”. Thus, the high commitment to training will be transported to the outside, so brown. The family thus positioning itself as qualified instructors and an attractive employer.

Nevertheless, the German economy will be able to meet their labor needs in the long term only with strong influx from outside, Brown is convinced. Today, there have come in Germany to a person entering into professional life, two who retire. Under this aspect, said Braun, “perhaps we should also see the refugees in a different light”.


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