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Market potential of smart home technology is still far from exhausted – SolarServer

“Smart Home Technology does not sell long as they could, although technical standards set and custom products on the market. There is great potential, but somewhere it hooks, “says Dr. Wolfgang Neubarth of the technology market research at GfK firmly.

It bases its findings on market surveys of more than 370,000 trading partners and on current GfK studies. About the consequences for trade and commerce, he reported at the trade fair IFH / Intherm which until April 8, 2016 will take place from 5th in Nuremberg.

High expectations of intelligent home technology

Consumers have high expectations of intelligent building technology: they want security, control, comfort, enjoyment of technology, but also a little luxury feeling. “It’s about modernity and ultimately to facilitate the daily life,” says Neubarth. In many consumer wishes the smart home technology already have a smart answer today.

There are already heating systems which are linked to the smartphones of the residents. Once all the inhabitants have left the house, the heating slows their performance. Be a resident approaches the house, the heating goes beyond a certain distance back up.

In the “Smart Energy” are loud Neubarth not only battery systems on the rise, but also control units for photovoltaic modules with an active energy management of solar power plant, heat pump and boiler.

crafts and trade should be more inform about smart home technology

GfK surveys showed that the majority of you ever heard about “smart home” or read on demand but can not explain what exactly is hidden behind it.

Consumer, when asked why they do not have smart home devices, costs and data protection as reasons to. “On these issues must be worked, but lack of communication is the main obstacle,” said Neubarth. He advises crafts and trade, therefore, for increased education.

“This is an enormous need for information in order for the market potential of smart home technology will be developed in the future. In the field of intelligent building automation builders, architects and the craft also have gatekeeper function. Finally, they recommend the technology to be incorporated or give them before. So it is up to them, her competence and communication, whether the owner in future smart building and living. ”

The presentation “Smart Home – What is desired and bought what” takes place at IFH / Intherm 2016 daily from 10.30 clock in the special exhibit Smart Home in the passage between Halls 3A and 4A instead.

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