Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hundreds Apple employees to work on Virtual Reality technology – CURVED

While the announcement of Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook business figures said that he for “cool” think Virtual Reality. According to a report by the Financial Times, Apple holds the technology seem even so cool that now has several hundred employees are engaged in the work on it.

patent applications indicated out that Apple even before many years has been dealing with virtual reality. According to 9to5Mac Apple is said to have developed in the mid of the last decade under the leadership of Steve Jobs prototype of VR headsets. The efforts, however, were then adjusted, because the technology was still considered immature. Now Apple is designed to promote the development in this area aggressively again.

Since the takeover of PrimeSense in 2013. Apple is said to have the report says not ceased to strengthen its team for Virtual and Augmented Reality. The company then bought had been involved, among others, Microsoft’s Kinect camera. Meanwhile, Apple also won employee of Microsoft HoloLens team and the light field camera Lytro developers themselves. Recently the company purchased with Flyby a software developer, a who has worked with Google on the 3D position determination for Project Tango.

Even if Apple’s chief designer Jony Ive said in an interview some time ago that the face is not the right place for the use of technology, Apple is said to have already built several prototypes for virtual reality headsets in recent months. When to expect a finished product, unfortunately, still remains unclear. The report says, however, that Apple wants his team for Virtual and Augmented Reality enlarge even further.


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