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Two year olds can already deal with touchscreen technology – Kinderaerzte-in network


Two-year-olds can already with touchscreen technology deal

Even two year olds can partially circumvent sent with touchscreens. They learn to wipe, unlock and to actively look for features on smartphones and tablets. Of which reported a small study, which was published online in the “Archives of Disease in Childhood”. This interactivity corresponds to the play behavior of children, the researchers’ declared.

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They base their findings on 82 questionnaires to access and use of touchscreens, the parents of children between 12 months and 3 years filled.

The parents were asked how long their child uses a touch screen every day and whether it is able to unlock the screen to change pages or images and to recognize specific features such as app icons for games and to activate.

Parents should also indicate whether they had any games or apps downloaded specifically for their child. The age of the infants ranged 20-30 months, and just over half (57%) were boys.
Most parents (82%, 67) stated that they had a touch screen device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Most children (87%, 58) used the device on average 15 minutes per day. Nearly two-thirds (62%) of parents had downloaded their own statements According Apps for their child to play with.

Nine out of 10 (91%) parents said with a touch screen device, their child could “wipe” (swipe); half (50%) stated that their child was able to unlock the screen, and nearly two-thirds (64%) were under the impression that their child actively sought functions.

The average age of infants who mastered all three skills, was 24 months, while the average age for finding and using specific touchscreen functions spent 25 months. Almost three out of four (72%) the parents saw that their child could do this.

Overall, one-third of infants get all four skills with an average age of 29 months, and already children above 12 months played regularly with touchscreens.

In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics said against a use of screens and similar devices in children of up to two years. They feared that children are exposed to unsuitable materials and other important suggestions for the development would thereby neglected or would get too little attention.

These recommendations were made even before the proliferation of touch screen devices. The latter may have a different effect on brain development of young children, suggest the scientists. Here more interactivity and engagement is required than in the past. However, although already many offers have been developed for young children, lacking systems that permit statements about their quality, their educational value or their security, warn the experts. Some issues that apply generally to the media, can also occur here

Source:. Medical Xpress, Archives of Disease in Childhood

On the subject of the press release BVKJ: paediatricians recommend: computer games with moderation


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