Thursday, January 7, 2016

Virtual Reality brings technology and content together –

There is no doubt, one of the central themes of the (penultimate, last and) this year’s CES is Virtual Reality. Device manufacturers outdo each other with superlatives, the users are curious and enthusiastic. All the more interesting: Whether the big breakthrough this year but now really is imminent, or at least something can be a long time coming, then can but no one to say

Because of the need for action is. big. “We start just and it is anything but easy,” says about David Greenbaum , Director Fox Innovation Lab. Meanwhile, there is indeed great devices, but still not enough skilled and creative teams.

Matt Apple , VP Strategy and Creative Content at Samsung wants to work closely on it. “Technology and content need to engage much more closely.” With virtual reality an entirely new world coming into the market. “And we certainly do not have such a long time to adapt to how viewers have once bought black and white TV,” the Samsung strategist. A good story and also the technological processes would indeed work well alone. Better they do it but together, Apple is sure. Kan


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