Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The main technology driver: cloud before Mobile and Internet of Things – Wirtschaftswoche


By 2020, the number of cross-linked via the Internet Device 18 billion in the previous year to just over $ 50 billion to nearly triple.

As of today, going to be business leaders, politicians and arrive artists of today in Davos, Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum, WEF), they are in addition to pushing political problems of the world will also discuss important technologies.

In their own websites have the WEF organizers already some interesting facts & amp; Facts presented. So the American IT giant IBM has conducted a study among company managers from 70 countries from the C-level plane (CxOs) after the main technology drivers for the coming three to five years surveyed.

1511B66-technologies of the future cloud mobile tech

Source: IBM / Statista

The result: For nearly two thirds of respondents is cloud computing, the most pressing new technology (63 percent), shortly behind it are still the whole complex mobile technologies (61 percent) and the Internet of Things (57 percent) on the podium.

As very latter will grow in the coming years, making another chart clearly: The number of each other over the Internet networked world gadgets, cars and machinery from 18 billion devices are intended 2015-2020 almost tripled to around 50 billion devices:

151127 Internet of Things Growth Technology

Source: WEF

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