Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NVIDIA: prototype of a virtual reality glasses with stereoscopic Lichtenfeld … – 4Players Portal

NVIDIA is the prototype of a VR goggles presented at the VRLA Expo (Virtual Reality Los Angeles), which is being developed in collaboration with Stanford University. Unlike other virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift VR or PlayStation classic no screens are used. Instead, put on the light field technology, which is intended to ensure a fraud free VR experience. In games business, the technology is described as follows: “is simplistic terms means thousands of microlenses the image so broken that a three-dimensional image is created using one of vector data can be considered a fair view from every angle within the light field, the eyes. . course can focus This is, for example, enable a more realistic depth of field. “

The VR-nerds go rather an on the stereoscopic 3D display and the associated benefits: ” The stereoscopic Lichtenfeld VR prototype can represent a natural depth of field for each eye, the two displays that represent the images that get to see each eye from a slightly different angle. This creates the stereoscopic 3D effect. (…) is probably the most fascinating part of Lichtenfeld VR but that allows the VR glasses, his eyes wander more naturally and to rest at certain points. This reduces eye fatigue and imitates our seeing even more lifelike. Currently, the prototype has a resolution of 640 x 800 per eye. Of course, this will increase in the coming years, but rapidly. “

The first test results with the light field-VR headset to be quite promising, because the eyes focus less the screen, but rather the . image displayed It is expected that the technology could be used in three to five years in VR headsets



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