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Technology and hobbyists Fair “Make Munich” – Merkur.de

Munich – The technology and hobbyists Fair “Make Munich” visitors can tinker at the weekend and experiment. What interested the expected:

3D printer spitting now pretty much all imaginable products – houses, food, prostheses, even artificial skin tissue. No wonder some are of the opinion that new technology will usher in a Third Industrial Revolution. But how do 3D printers actually? And how do they look? All the interested parties can not only learn on the “Make Munich”, but also to try – for example, by making your own jewelry 3D Print

The exhibition,. the weekend, 16 and 17 January, will take place in Zenith, spans an arc from the classic Do-It-Yourself to digital technologies. It is precisely this connection is distinguished from the so-called Maker: The digital hobbyist merge high-tech and craft, they fiddle to self-programmed robots or designing and printing your own 3D objects. That all this is neither particularly complicated nor expensive, wants the “Make Munich” convey to the visitors and therefore offers a kind of playground for building, inventing, experimenting and learning.

In 50 courses, visitors can tinker for example, a textile solar system, fold from old book pages Origami Flowers, programming apps, build a wetland and from 3D printed parts compose a designer lamp. The range is complemented by a total of 40 lectures of mostly known protagonists of the scene: Bruce Sterling, founder of the legendary pop culture festival “South by Southwest”, talks about the future of the Maker Movement, declared Self Tracking pioneer Florian Schumacher how and why he Smart Watches and other accessories permanently collects personally identifiable information, and health values ​​of itself and Kay Rath impact from Startup “Wearable Life Science” newsletter reports about smart fitness clothing that amplifies the muscle contractions during exercise by built electrodes. The stands of the 108 exhibitors are designed to be interactive: All startups and technology companies would offer hands-on activities and tests, organizer Jenny Ludwig said at a press conference on Tuesday. “No visitor should leave the fair without having even applied hand.”

As with the last trade fair in November 2014 put the organizers this year topics : This includes, for example, the area GREENMAKER where projects will be presented, which revolve around sustainability and environmental protection. Presented is among other things a computer mouse, which is made of 70 percent fairly traded raw materials here. In the section Electronic Innovators show five founding their computer “Bayduino”, a kind of modular system to experiment, to understand the students the basics of modern technology. Can try on 3D printed sunglasses visitors in Fashtech area, are featured in the Innovations from the fields of fashion and technology. Maker’s Mark Königer had enough of the often very expensive brand sunglasses, which are produced in China in large-scale and extremely cheap from injection. The printed of biocompatible plastic eyeglasses his company “Youconic Eyewear” are not only light and flexible, but are also produced in Germany and are still to individual wishes Artwork.

Even the fun factor comes at the fair, too: come on both days in robot soccer tournaments against each other. On Saturday night, 19 to 22 clock also a kind Sumokampf is a Hebocon on the program for the robot.

The exhibition is on Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 18 clock opened, the entrance fee is 13 euros, reduced 5 euros. A weekend ticket is available for 23 euros, family ticket for two adults and two children / teens for 25 Euro.

Katharina Mutz


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