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“The technology of this freight tunnel is simple” – Tages-Anzeiger Online

Why Zurich participates in the project cargo Metro says Councillor Filippo Leutenegger in an interview.

 50 meters deep in sunk to the ground and then taken away: A model shows how

50 meters deep into the ground and then taken away: A model shows how “Cargo Sous terrain” is to function.

Mr. Leutenegger, why does the Civil Engineering Department of the City of Zurich in the construction of an underground rail freight ( Click here with the report)?
 We help with the planning principles, but are not investor.

What brings such a tunnel of the city?
 We have an excellent transport infrastructure. But she is in peak periods – especially morning and evening – overloaded already. We are therefore interested in intelligent solutions for the future, in order to distribute this load better on all times of the day.

So is the underground Metro work. (Video: Cargo sousterrain)

And Cargo Sous terrain is such a future solution
 That will still have. But the idea is good. Because the technology of such goods tunnel is relatively simple in contrast to a high-speed tunnel like Swissmetro. Cargo Sous terrain seems to be a pipe dream. We might goods around the clock, with no ban on night driving, unmanned and environmentally friendly through the whole of Switzerland consign. This also provides for the City Logistics completely new opportunities.

How so?
 The fine division may be carried out with smaller trucks. 2030 can drive unmanned and electrically they may. So they make hardly any noise, which they can distribute goods at night with a low pace, without the residents being disturbed in their sleep. Thus, the infrastructure could be used better and we could relieve the peak periods.


Will Switzerland in 15 years have a cargo Metro?

Yes, the project will be implemented

No, the project fails to Finance

No, the project fails to politics

3729 votes

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In a first rough planning the goods Metro provides access nodes before in Oerlikon and in the Herdern. Is this enough? Or it needs a further stroke in the Brunau?
We’ll see. So far we have not.

What is because the commitment of the Civil Engineering Office at Cargo sousterrain?
 We bring our know-how, especially historical information on traffic flows.

Also Urban money?
 So far we have only spoken by a small amount over which the Civil Engineering Department could dispose itself.

In Franken?
 It is – as I said – a symbolic amount, in order to document the interest

If a later, more substantial contribution to the discussion
 This can still not say. (

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” The idea is good “: Filippo Leutenegger (Archive)

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