Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Costa Rica: technology helps producers to increase productivity – (press release)

06th January 2016

technology in agriculture has several advantages such as pest control, weather forecast, saving resources and less pollution. With the addition of intelligent instruments, this sector has shown that agriculture is not limited to shovels and machetes. The development of biotechnology has mainly helped to improve efficiency, to analyze data and introduce new techniques for income.


Jorge Sauma, CEO of the National Banana Corporation (Corporación Bananera Nacional, Corbana), stated that the most important advances in the introduction of biological control agents for controlling pests and diseases, the use of organic fertilizers to replace chemical formulations sector, the reduction of pesticides and the updating of knowledge are

An example of the integration of tools:.. With the automatic absorption spectroscopy the farmer can determine which fertilizer is to be used by testing soil and plant tissue

Agriculture experienced exponential technological growth. The advances are reflected in agricultural research that exist in the country. It is in agriculture a leader in scientific and bibliographic production in the field of technology, so data from the platform of the National Hipatia State program (Programa Estado de la Nación). For these reasons, the companies involved in the agriculture

Source say that Costa Rica is moving toward a cleaner and more efficient production.

Release Date: 01/06/2016


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