Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hanvon Pentech modernized through its ERT technology All-in-One … – OnVista (press release)

Hanvon Pentech Co. Ltd., a leading provider of mobile pen input solutions, today introduced at CES 2016 in Las Vegas his youngest ERT solution (electro-magnetic-Touch) for All-in-One touch screen TVs with large screen in front. Thanks to this technology, users of displays have in modern classrooms and conference rooms is an ideal solution for pen input at hand, with which you can write just like on paper and draw.

With the launch of the iPad Pro with large display in the past year in more than 40 countries defined Apple with the Apple Edit – a stylus with pressure sensor – the next “must-have”. Microsoft also is a staunch supporter of the pen input technology and registered success with the tablet series Surface Pro, which can be used with digital input pins.

Not only artists and graphic designers require digital input pins. Due to the rapid advancement of the display market for teaching and conference rooms perfect writing experience for efficient communication among participants is a decisive criterion.

Conventional All-in-One touchscreen televisions are mostly based on the infrared touch technology. This provides the writing and drawing less satisfactory results, because they are limited by the low pressure and the low resolution. Users find it difficult as a rule to control the pen when drawing images precisely on the display.

Hanvon Pentech modernized through its ERT technology All-in-One touch screen televisions. This technology supports a pressure of 2,048 units and achieved a resolution of 5080 lpi.

“Hanvon Pentech is committed, the communication efficiency to increase by the pen input technology,” said James Zhang, general manager of Hanvon Pentech. “We are convinced that the ERT technology will replace the infrared touch technology completely, thereby altering the market for all-in-one touch-screen televisions comprehensively with large display and the work will fundamentally improve in teaching and conference rooms.”

Hanvon Pentech enjoys an excellent reputation when it comes to product quality, reliability and technical innovation ability. The company is able to deliver excellent special solutions for the different requirements of its customers. The ERT products and capacitive products from Hanvon Pentech support touch screens in sizes from 2 to 100 inches, which are widely used for example in the fields of telecommunications, banking, education, health and administrative nature. ERT modules can be used in smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, LCD monitors with handwriting recognition, graphic tablets, e-book readers, POS signature pads, intelligent whiteboards etc.

About Hanvon Pentech

Hanvon Pentech Co. Ltd. Headquartered in Beijing is a holding subsidiary of Hanwang Technology Co. Ltd. (Stock symbol: 002362). The company is dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of pen input solutions and has 140 patents worldwide.

Hanvon Pentech is a founding member of the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI).

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