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Tourism: The shift from analog to digital: New technology in the hospitality industry – business-on

Germany’s more popular than ever as a tourist destination. Can in just the first nine months of 2015 with 62 million overnight stays by foreign guests, a new record will be listed (Source: Press Release German National Tourist Board). Especially Cologne have excelled with an increase of 14.9 percent, the hotel industry of the Rhine metropolis benefit particularly from the convention and trade show calendar. Especially in the business sector an increasing digitization of hotel operations is observed. Who wants to be “up to date”, should think about some technique changes in his house. Because of the trend toward technology-based form of posting and sleep with all the digital advantages.

 The shift from analog to digital: New technology in the hospitality industry

the room control with your phone: book by app, pay by phone

Just business belong to the spontaneous bookers. 23 percent of all business guests order their night usually via smartphone, reports the industry magazine Tophotel. An app for Booking is almost Uncalled standard in today’s hotel communications. Thus, from all the rooms are chosen here can be reserved online, as well as on or checked out. Also additional functions such as massage or restaurant reservations often includes the performance of application on the phone. However, the networking does not stop at the hotel door, because the guest should not be better equipped at home with technology than in the hotel. “Stay Connected” is therefore often the Home Rule: In business houses like Pullman interactivity is very important without limit. Manage Wi-Fi, high-tech equipment with computers and printers as well as Apps for booking, change and cancel are now standard. The queue at the reception here is past, a special need of business travelers. Investigations of the Fraunhofer Institute to confirm that investing up to 91 percent of business travelers on a quick check value. The next generation of smartphones goes even further. With the NFC chip (Near Field Communication) even in the future with the phone, the door opens and loan payments are initiated. Other hotels rely on this technology in the rooms card: If the room leaving, the technology sends the elevator, for example, directly to the appropriate floor.

short messages as a service: “WhatsApp” channels use

Also, intelligence services are moving into the tourism industry. As strike newsletter acted the service “WhatsApp” while many pilots refused to work. Even in a Frankfurt Airport Hotel the short message service has become a part of the service offer. So the guest service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Advertising on social media services and the website makes the digital concept finally complete. Another example from the culture industry is the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann. The museum can be contacted since September 2014 by text message. It is conceivable, this type of customer communication not only for hotels, but also for tour operators and travel agencies. As in an open chat questions could be answered quickly here – from anywhere and at any time.

The digitization also does not make the hotel room itself halt, because here too moves to and after the latest technology. The tablet is increasingly replacing the good old room phone. Also in the German hotel classification is confirmed recently that a tablet PC instead of the hotel phone may be in the room. This has confirmed the Dehoga. It is important that the tablet on the home screen can show a phone function. In addition, other rooms must be accessible to the tablet, as well as the reception. The operation should be kept simple and even without headphones. The advantage for hoteliers: eliminates the cost of a traditional phone, as well as port and cable. Internet is usually available in the house and used as wireless network. Guests can also take advantage of more offers here: Retrieving menus of Room Service, explore and book spa menu and reservations for the restaurant. The Doking station for the smartphone is almost indispensable, the hotel trend of tomorrow offers the socket on nightstand and a USB connection. And also on television makes digital development does not stop. The tube has long had its day, it must be flat and smart. The digital video-on-demand services are the hotel guests more long friend, than the regular television.



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