Saturday, January 30, 2016

Carbon3D’s CLIP technology is already used at Legacy Effects –

Legacy Effects is one of the most exciting Effects specialists in Hollywood. The company is responsible for many effects and makeup in the greatest movies.

Among them are films like Terminator, Godzilla, Jurassic Park, Iron Man and the Avengers. For several years, uses Legacy Effects 3D pressure in various forms for its projects.

Now Carbon3D announced that Legacy Effects one of his first test customers.

Jason Lopes, Lead Systems Engineer at Legacy Effects:

“In this industry, you want to believe everything you hear, but you have to pull back and ask more questions. What Really Attracted me even more to working with Carbon were the questions They asked about me and my work flow-They really cared about solving our problems -. It was a breath of fresh air “

The technology also promises a more beautiful finish and less rework than other 3D printing technologies. Jason Lopes adds,

“CLIP Allows us to do what we do best: focus on art. I can let my creative hands Work Where They deserve to be creatively. That’s huge. I’d rather use my talent in areas where they ‘re off exploring rather than going back and cleaning up prototypes. “

In the video shows Legacy Effects as 3D printing in the film industry used is:

Learn more about the projects of Legacy Effects



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