Thursday, January 7, 2016

Samsung 2016 SUHD: the science behind the new Quantum Dot technology –

As part of the CES the new Samsung SUHD TV Generation “KS9500″ presented in Las Vegas. In addition to Ultra HD Premium certification, the device instead of LCD or OLED displays feature a so-called quantum dot-display technology. What is behind the brand-new technology, we will clarify below.

Samsung SUHD: 2016er models with Quantum Dot technology (source : Samsung)

After rapidly progressive spread of OLED TVs Samsung already wants to put at CES 2016 a new trend: “Quantum Dot” is called the technique in which only a few atoms comprehensive nanocrystals are responsible for the image representation. Better color, contrast and black levels are the result – that works like this.

10 bit color depth

Ordinary monitors and TVs offer a color depth of 8 bits. This enables the display of about 16.8 million colors. Not enough? Then new 10 bit devices offer: Here we are moving in the billions of possible colors. 10 bit technology found recently been in conventional LCD devices, resulting in an increased dynamic range. Only in combination with Quantum Dot scores 10 bit but wholeheartedly: Because only the color representation actually succeed equally intense and accurate. At the same time tremendously slim body shapes are possible.

Samsung 2016 SUHD in 78 inch format at the Samsung booth at CES

Samsung SUHD 2016-1 (Source: Network World)

Clear, bright colors

Both LCD, as well as take advantage of Quantum Dot technology LEDs for the illumination of the image surface. In LCD case the regular blue LED light must, however, be artificially bleached toward a White Tones. New nanocrystals however, also work with regular blue LED light, so that no filtering is required: Depending on which formations the tiny crystals then slide before the blue light remains blue either blue, red or yellow or will.

The opposite of LCD technology omission filtering of the LED light allows a purer and higher contrast display on the new SUHD devices. The dynamic range falls thanks nanocrystals according to Samsung from so high that even in the most brightly lit rooms clear image improvement can be seen compared to previous techniques.

also benefit blacks – because it is easier, blue to black, to filter than is the case with white: white tones are always a mix of various color spectra, while blue on a limited wavelength based.

What is the result?

Network World is at CES in Las Vegas suburb – a first look at the new technology we have not let us escape. Although a sound evaluation under extreme fair conditions is not possible, the new devices a positive impression.

The measures resulted images are strongly reminiscent of OLED TVs, fall colors partly already extremely out. However, some issued devices provide very accurate images which appear – so Samsung apparently leaves ample room here in the settings.

CES news at a glance.


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