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Topping out at technology companies – high-tech, but top secret – Sü

Rohde & amp; Black is the most mysterious companies of Munich: It develops security and encryption techniques – and has been growing

The doors are now wide open, an exception. And precisely in honor of that building, which in future will resemble a high-security wing. Topping out ceremony for the “Technology Center II” at Rohde & amp; Black -. At Munich geheimnisvollstem Group and in whose heart, the development department helps

secrets and their protection, they are the core of the electronic and broadcasting company, the security agencies and States, companies and the military case, which, what they do best to conceal from the public eye. Even and especially in front of those eyes that can look very good and even have techniques to make Encrypted and hidden readable in spite of all obstacles.

So it has a quirky touch when all the guests of honor, including the Urban Economic Affairs and deputy mayor Josef Schmid (CSU), found via the site, about the company and its economic benefits for Munich praise. But that no one, including Managing Director Manfred Fleischmann, talks about what the company intends in the new building when it is based in 2017, because at all. “We are very restrictive,” says a spokeswoman for the company. “High-quality electronics” point to her, says Fleischmann. “We are a high-tech company that thrives on innovation.” That’s it. What Rohde & amp; Black ever makes that can hardly be inferred from the rare information that reveals the ever-growing family worldwide with currently 9900 employees. Much has to do with communication, with data. With broadcasting, mobile and metrology. So Rohde & is amp; Black strong growth since the nineties – as the whole sector. The subsidiary SIT as developed encryption techniques and has built the first mobile Chancellor in Berlin-Adlershof.

topping the new building: Rohde & amp; Black is with 2500 employees one of the largest holdings of Munich.

(Photo: Catherina Hess )

In Munich speaks Rohde & amp ; Black on urban design rather than on business. It is a grateful topic because recently the company has its factory premises in the east of Munich revamped completely. The visible growth correlates with the positive growth figures, the Rohde & amp; Black Every year proclaimed in June. Approximately 1.83 billion in sales, the company has earned in the past financial year to June 2015 4.1 percent more than last year. Particularly benefits it has since the NSA affair: Since the data leak that has torn a man named Edward Snowden, has revealed many new insights into intentional and unintentional data flows and enterprises want to protect more than before themselves against intruders. . Holes that need to stuff, and here the Munich group helps

For Munich was Rohde & amp; Black immensely important, not only as a good business tax payer who is with 2500 employees one of the larger Munich businesses as Josef Schmid says. At the same time, Rohde & is amp; Black for the city and especially the economy Speakers also an object of prestige. Coming from Munich, will remain in Munich. The company was actually also the namesake of the business district, Schmid said – after the operation is the last remaining “work” in the new city in the city, which will be built behind the Ostbahnhof. To mix of apartments, culture, art and shopping steer Rohde & amp; Black high-quality jobs in, said CEO Fleischmann

So is the” look again Technology Center II “. It will probably resemble a high-security wing. Simulation: HHVISION

(Photo: )

Since 83 years there the company in Munich, the operation is still in family ownership. Lucrative he is not just for the owners but also for the location. CEO Fleischmann knows this, and therefore he is also confident: “not inconsiderable tax revenue”! Give to the city, he said. To leave Munich and to relocate the head office abroad, out of the question come for the company nonetheless. “Mia san mia – the motto goes well with us”



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