Saturday, May 9, 2015

Watch Apple uses older chip technology –

Who buys an Apple Watch, expects to carry the latest technology on his wrist. But more a case of ‘No way!’ Because with an accurate look inside the SmartWatch has “Chip Works” found that the processor in the clock is anything but on the very latest state of the art.

In the Apple Watch potters of so-called S1-processor. What it’s all about, is probably the most unknown. But in an extensive teardown Chipworks came to light that it is more of an outdated chip. Because this is based on a 28 nanometer technology from Samsung. However,

Apple Watch Chip Economists expected a more recent processor generation

a bit dated

For a better classification. The 28 nanometer chip in the Apple Watch as compared with the A5 processor Apple be, the most recently used of the iPhone 5S iKonzern. In contrast, the current iPhone 6 (plus) tinkers A8 processor, which has a 20 nanometer technology. And it is speculated eagerly as in the rumor mill, Apple continues next iPhone 6S on a A9 chip with 14 nanometer technology.

Current processor is sufficient

But why installed Apple in the Apple Watch an older processor? It is assumed that you have set at the beginning of the development of this component, which now is a bit outdated. Apple will use for sure the next time you watch generation to the new S2 technology, so that the battery consumption and the speed to be optimized.

At the same time, at this point, but clarified that buyers of Apple Watch set no way outdated technology, but only the chip is a little older. The installed processor is still absolutely sufficient

Here you can see the way how the Apple Watch arrives in children


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