Friday, May 8, 2015

At the heart of Apple Samsung Watch uses technology – CURVED

Research at the object under examination Apple Watch goes into the next round: As a further analysis of Apple S1 chips now shows is the processor clock Samsung technology used – but not a particularly current .

On the just 26 x 28 mm large area of ​​Apple S1 – for the order: a two-euro coin measures 25.75 mm in diameter – have the curious tinkerer Chipworks more than 30 different components identified and cataloged. The most interesting part is labeled “APL 0778″ and the actual heart of Apple Watch: Your processor. This is the recently updated teardown articles of According Chip Works for Samsung’s 28nm process manufactured – a technology that has since been overhauled twice

The 28-nm technology came in 2013 when Apple A7. chip of the iPhone 5s used. The current Apple A8, which is installed in the iPhone 6 Plus 6 and iPhone, is made already in the more modern 20-nm process. For the next generation of chips in the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 an even more efficient 14-nm processor is expected as it already is in Samsung’s own Galaxy S6 are used.

The fact that Apple Watch with a 28nm processor comes along, after all, means also that the Apple S1 in its current form and size has still loose space for better performance. Even if a possible Apple Watch 2 processor is the same, just 5.2 x 6.2 mm small area available, could be here with a more efficient manufacturing process in the future a stronger impeller block, as Ars Technica turns out.


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