Monday, May 4, 2015

Microsoft: purchase of N-Trig technology and patents – Notebookcheck

Microsoft buys patents and technology of N-Trig for 30 million US dollars. Since the Surface Pro 3 Microsoft relies on the technology of N-trig.

by Sebastian Schneider, 04/05/2015


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After a few months ago already speculation about announced a takeover of N-Trig by Microsoft for 200 million US dollars, has now announced that Microsoft buys only part of the technology and the patents of N-trig.

for 30 million US dollars Microsoft acquires the technology and patents of N-Trig associated with the pins of the Surface series. As part of the transaction, some N-Trig employees will transfer to Microsoft Israel. In addition to being used in the Surface Pro 3 Microsoft will rely on the N-Trig pins including the new Surface 3 with Digitizer.

The Surface 3 offers apart from the pin support a 10.8-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1280 pixels, an Intel Atom processor and 10 x7 hours of battery life. Through optional accessories such as the well-known from other products Surface Type Cover and the N-Trig pen tablet to be used as a notebook replacement. In our test we could convince the Surface 3 mostly. In order to exploit the full potential of the tablet, but the above-mentioned optional accessories are required.


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