Friday, May 22, 2015

Huk-Coburg: Auto insurers will take into account driving style – Wirtschaftswoche

Germany’s largest car insurer HUK Coburg wants to introduce so-called telematics tariffs – and reward prudent driver so. The competitors follow the plans exactly, because the market is highly competitive.

If you drive carefully, saving: In a first car insurance, the personal driving style to the future impact on the tariff. Germany’s largest car insurer HUK Coburg tested so-called telematics rates, the prudent driver should reward. The system provides that devices detect the speed and the braking and acceleration behavior of motorists and record routes. If the insurer driveability assesses positively the contributions are to be reduced.
At present, the trial run, said a company spokeswoman on Thursday in Coburg. Then one wants to introduce the tariffs. An exact time she did not call. About the plans also reported the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” (Thursday).

With more than ten million insured vehicles is the Huk -Coburg the largest auto insurer in Germany. The Alliance as the number two in the market following the developments closely, said a company spokesman on demand. For now, the Munich-based insurance group wanted to but bring no corresponding fare on the market, but wait.

Leading Auto insurers are introducing a tariff on the basis of telematics technology. Here, the driving behavior is held over a black box in the car and sent to the insurance company.

The plans of the Huk-Coburg likely be closely followed by smaller competitors: Because in the auto insurance there for years a massive price war, which is fueled by comparison portals on the Internet on. Change Many insured every year the suppliers of their motor vehicle liability insurance in order to save money. Even minor differences in price can therefore be crucial for the provider.

also work in the health insurance already in collective models meeting the personal behavior of customers pay more attention. The insurer Generali wants to bring policies to the market, where the customer regularly provided data to life. With an app should, among other precautionary dates documented, counted steps or sporting activities are recorded.


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