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BUSINESS WIRE: Xeltis concludes the first study to technology “Endogenous … – Finanztreff

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ZURICH -. (BUSINESS WIRE) – 19/05/2015 –

Xeltis, a private medical device company dedicated to the transformation dedicated of therapy standards of cardiovascular treatments, today announced that it has successfully completed the world’s first clinical feasibility study of endogenous tissue growth (Endogenous Tissue Growth, ETG).

Xeltis pioneer because use in this completely new therapeutic principle Surgeons synthetic, fully bioabsorbable implants that are designed to allow the patient’s body to form from within natural, healthy tissue, which then takes over the function. It left no residue in the body, which could lead to subsequent complications, because the implant has been completely absorbed.

In this study, five children who were born with only one instead of two ventricles, implanted vascular prostheses of Xeltis and tracked their development during 12 months. The study was headed by the renowned heart surgeon Professor Leo Bockeria on Bakoulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery of Russian Academy of Medicine in Moscow.

“The results of this study are impressive. After the first 12 months, all clinical parameters are positive and show all the indicators that the body of patients have successfully formed its own blood vessels, “notes Professor Leo Bockeria. “This feasibility study strengthens the hope that we can soon pedriatischen patients will provide a unique and definitive treatment solution with congenital heart malformations. Currently, these patients may require several operations and often a lifetime in addition, drug treatment during their adolescence. But for many other cardiovascular users, the hopes are strengthened with this study “

Laurent Grandidier, CEO of Xeltis, adds.” The successful completion of our first clinical trial announces a paradigm shift in cardiovascular treatments. We expect that it will one day be possible to replace the currently most common cardiovascular implants by the technology of Xeltis. This will not only significantly improve the outcomes for patients, but also reduce the cost of healthcare. This successful clinical study is a first, important step in this future. “

ETG and its technology of Xeltis

According to today’s standards implant surgeons and cardiologists prostheses consisting either of plastic or animal products to repair malformed heart and vessels. The challenges posed by such prostheses restrictions on the patients and their long-term presence in the body, the current treatment standards are only to a limited mass effect, often imply complications and require a long-term drug treatment.

Xeltis contrast used substances, during the formation of new valves and vessels in the patient’s body, are bioabsorbed over time, which left behind no foreign substances. As this fabric formed by ETG’s own tissue of the patient, this therapy has the potential to overcome the limitations of currently available treatment options.

The proprietary technology Xeltis based on scientific achievements that have been awarded the Nobel Prize .

About Xeltis

Xeltis is a European company in the medical device industry with headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland) and Eindhoven (Netherlands), the transformation of itself treatment standards for cardiovascular treatments dedicated. Among the investors Life Sciences Partners, Amsterdam (LSP), Kurma Partners, Paris include (Kurma), VI Partners, train (VI) and other private shareholders. The first product of Xeltis will be a pulmonary valve, which is used in the treatment of severe congenital heart defects in children. In addition, the company’s technology has a broad clinical potential in various cardiovascular health problems and different patient populations

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