Saturday, May 2, 2015

Technology: Study: Robots threaten 59 per cent German jobs – Augsburger Allgemeine

The technology continues to progress – a hazard to workers? According to a study could one day more than half of all jobs are done by machines.

According to a study of the Bank ING-Diba , the possession of the World , could soon many Workers in Germany be superfluous. Thus, one day, around 59 percent of all jobs are done by machines. Were considered in the study 30.9 million to social security and in marginal employment – of them accordingly could 18 million are replaced by software and machines, the newspaper

High risk in management occupations

. Risk varies, depending on the profession and specialization. Very great was the danger for office and Sekretatiratskräfte. There could 1.9 million job losses. Even the helpers in camps and in postal and delivery services threaten a high job losses (1.5 million), as could future seller (1.2 million) and support staff in the cleaning (1.2 million) are worried about their jobs. Even professional groups in the administrative practice of an endangered activity. Of these, around 86 per cent could be replaced by machines.





On the other hand can people in professions that require specialization or expertise, their place may be relatively safe. Especially irreplaceable were mainly medical doctors, chemists or physicists, writes the newspaper.

Creeping change

This change, however, will not happen overnight. According to the World the authors of the study believe that there will be a slow transition. For this, the robot would have to be further developed technologically, also they are currently often simply too expensive.

doubts about the development of the authors but not: “The transition has already begun,” said Carsten Brzeski, chief economist of the ING-Diba and co-author of the study of World . “Already, some industry sectors are fully networked and are almost completely out of robots.” AZ

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