Friday, May 15, 2015

Stealth Suit: US working on new stealth technology – Trends of the future

Quantum Stealth - This material makes you invisible

Stealth Suit comes for the US Army

What if you could not see the enemy, even though he is right in front of one? This question goes to the US Army, since the US wants at all costs, in addition to a real Iron Man suit that is currently in development, also use invisible uniforms for their soldiers. We had already reported one time or another from universities and organizations working on stealth suits and introduced technologies that actually could make what sounds so unbelievable for many. People thanks to innovative technologies can simply disappear, no matter what the lighting conditions prevail, of course, is a mammoth task, which is not impossible, however. To drive the development of such stealth faster, the US Army has released a list of specifications that define the requirements and functions of the new invisible uniforms clear. More see the announcement of the revolutionary Stealth Suits of the US Army and you read as always in this contribution with us on future trends.


USA working on real stealth

The US Army is serious: Soldiers should be able to just disappear in the future through innovative camouflage suits in any environment. This emerges from an invitation of the US Army, the companies and organizations to prompt their ideas and technologies for the realization of a true Stealth Suits submit. The requirements of the Army to a real stealth suit, of course, extremely high, but also clearly defined. So is the new Stealth Suit 360 degrees Camouflage function have held, so you can see through it, no matter from which direction you look at it. The new technology should moreover be compatible with the equipment of today’s soldiers and idealistic idea as do not require power supply. In addition to the camouflage suit in the desert, in the Antarctic, working in the jungle and in the big city and can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, such as standing in a sandstorm, fog, snow, etc.. In the infrared light should remain anonymous soldiers.

realization of the new Stealth Suits

The realization of a stealth technology of course is an extreme challenge and the exact list of requirements of the US Army makes development not easier. We had already reported to you in one of our previous articles about Quantum Stealth as well as the stealth of the University of Rochester. Both technologies use the stealth function that redirecting light. The light which is normally reflected from the clothing is directed in Stealth suits to the other side of the suit. The viewer is it then before as if you look through the suit, because this simply projects the image from the other side onto the clothing. . And if it first creates a country to develop a real stealth suit, then probably the US

Video shows Hyper Stealth technology

Source: Popular Science


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