Monday, May 18, 2015

Space Panne: Russian rocket crashed with satellite – Wirtschaftswoche

A week after the crash of an unmanned space freighter shake two new mishaps plagued the Russian space program. It is always about the engine problems.

With a new serious breakdown in the Russian space program a “Proton-M” carrier rocket crashed with a Mexican satellite on board in Siberia. Shortly before, was also a maneuver failed to lift the International Space Station because an engine was not prepared.

The Interfax news agency reported on Saturday that it had given shortly after the launch of “Proton-M” rocket an accident, the mission had failed. Whether there were in the sparsely populated region in southern Siberia Transbaikalien damage in the crash, was initially unclear. The rocket carrying the satellite was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the Central Asian Republic of Kazakhstan

When crashed “Proton-M” there was preliminary information shows problems with a motor -. And that at the third stage rocket. A commission to determine the exact cause. Until clarity prevails, all other launches were canceled, it said. Affected is the planned for early June transport a British communications satellites. Destroyed in the accident 5.4-ton communications satellite MexSat1 had to supply Mexico and South America with services.

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After presentation of Russian space experts could have been up to ten tons of highly toxic fuel on board the crashed rocket. The affected region Transbaikalien is known for its untouched nature. Forces were there for the exact crash site. They also called on the people to give evidence.

It will examine also why the ISS could not be raised as planned by 2.8 kilometers. The maneuver had failed in the early hours of Saturday as Russian agencies reported, citing the space agency Roskosmos. To lift the ISS to the drive of the docked space freighter “Progress M-26″ should be used. However, the ground station did not receive a signal about the willingness of the engine, it said.


After a ten-day odyssey in space, a defective Russian space freighter burns. The analysis of the causes of the malfunction are now running at full speed.

The ISS moves at an altitude of about 400 kilometers above the earth. If the station is losing height, the web is regularly corrected by means of motors. The six astronauts on board the ISS have not been involved in the operation. The maneuver should be repeated on 18 May. Check expert if another engine can be used.

The span plagued Russian space program had lost an unmanned freighter with fuel, food and oxygen a few weeks ago. Reason for the failure of transportation was the misfire of a rocket stage in late April. The “Progress” -Frachter burned up on May 8 when entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Because of the breakdown, the next manned space flights had been postponed. Inventories on board the ISS rich according to the authorities of.


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