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Smartphone usage: Europeans and Asians Chat games – Wirtschaftswoche

Apps for smartphones are becoming increasingly popular. With regard to the use, but there are differences between different countries, as a recent study shows.

The market for mobile apps is growing rapidly. Revenues from app stores and in-app advertising laid in 2014 over the previous year by around 70 percent. But there are differences in the world of app usage.

The consulting firm App Annie has been studied in a study of how people use in Germany, the USA, Great Britain, Japan and South Korea Apps. Restricts they draw upon the most popular apps for iOS and Android devices in the first three months of 2015.

In all countries studied apps available for communication at the heart of smartphone usage. WhatsApp or Asian equivalents as Line (Japan) are in the countries surveyed the most popular – an exception is the US, where social networks such as Facebook are even more popular


Looking at the most popular communication apps, so striking that in the United States image delivery or price publication via app such as via snapchat or Instagram are much more in demand than in the other countries studied.

Time Spent Playing per active user

  • South Korea

    The South Korean users of Android mobile games are about 3.5 times as . active as their US counterparts

  • Germany

    German users of games on Android smartphones only spent slightly less time than users in the US.

  • United Kingdom

    Compared to the US, active users of the United Kingdom in the first quarter were . 2015 is only half as active

  • US

    Japanese users spent compared to the United States about four times more time with mobile games on the Android smartphone.

Danielle Levitas, research director at App Annie explains the cultural differences that affect the sharing of information. “The Americans see the far less problematic than about the Germans.”

Especially the younger Americans were looking for an experience that would go further than Facebook out – the offer snapchat. “Text-based communication is with them less popular,” she says.

But even in Europe snapchat, Instagram and Co. are likely to be popular in the future. “Overall, the communication is always visual – there are more images sent, but also more videos.” The resultiere fact alone that more fast 4G LTE networks, connecting that facilitated such data-intensive forms of communication.

The Asians love to play

In Germany and in the US, users use about 60 percent of the total time they spend with their smartphone, with communication Apps and Apps from social networks , In Japan, the accumulated value was only 45 percent.

Combined sales for App Store & amp; Google Play

  • United Kingdom

    United Kingdom go about 73% of sales in the App Store & amp; . Google Play on mobile games back

  • Germany

    In Germany can be traced back about 75% of sales in the App Store on games.

  • US

    In the USA to about 80% of . Sales in the App Store and Google Play generates about games

  • Japan

    In Japan was achieved in Q1 2015 almost the entire revenue from the App Store by mobile games.

  • South Korea

    South Korea is a leader when it comes to the sales of mobile games. Again, hardly made with anything other money

You are here -. As well as in South Korea – Games popular. In Japan, smartphone users spend four times as much time with game apps like the American users; in South Korea, they spend twice as much time. The Germans and the British on the other hand play on your smartphone even less than the Americans.

What is new is not the trend. “Since decades Games in Japan and South Korea are very popular,” said Levitas. When games were still played on consoles or on the computer, Japanese and South Koreans spent already more time. “Japan was the first major market where gained ground consoles.”

3D printer, driverless cars and networked machines: New technologies will shape the world of work in future. Benefit from the opportunities of new developments all parties.

But from this we must not conclude that game apps in Europe or America were unpopular. “Here this passion is less pronounced,” she explains. “Europeans and Americans prefer a Unterhaltungsmix. View more videos – this reduces the amount of playing time “

According to account for over 90 percent of sales in Japan and South Korea, which are generated in the app stores from Apple and Google, to games.. In the UK and Germany there are 70 percent.

Mobile Data Usage

With regard to data usage per active user on smartphones, South Korea leads the ranking. According to the authors, the sun, especially in the well-developed telecommunications structure. In South Korea and Japan nearly 100 percent of mobile data running on the fast 4G LTE networks – in the UK, the share is just under 50 per cent, in Germany even only at 25 percent.

Especially data-intensive in all the countries studied, the use of video network YouTube.


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