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Google’s Developer Conference: The search engine giant plans for 2015 – Business Week

Matthias Hohensee

New York has its Fashion Week, San Francisco, the Apple and Google weeks. As of Thursday initially courting Google for the attention of developers and consumers. An outlook.

Android or iOS? Android Pay or Pay Apple? Google or Apple Fit Health? In the next two weeks Apple and Google advertise at its annual developer conference for the attention of programmers. At least 6000 are each expected Convention Center in San Francisco’s Moscone.

Many had to participate for their participation in a lottery. Be able to buy the chance to get a ticket at prices ranging from $ 900 (Google) and $ 1600 (Apple): profit. A costly affair, especially since San Francisco’s hoteliers and AirBnB call landlord maximum prices for accommodation. Google sweetens the cost by giving away hardware – in previous years, there were Chromebooks and Android watches

Google in figures
  • Total revenue

    The revenue of the internet giants in the fourth quarter of 2014. 18.1 billion dollars. Most of its revenues (12,4 billion) achieved Google doing to their own pages, the rest (3.7 billion) on the web pages of business partners.

  • main source of income

    When it comes to making money, Google is like a “One -trick Pony “, ie a circus horse that dominates only one trick, namely advertising. Of the $ 18.1 billion in sales in the fourth quarter of 2014. accounted good 16.1 billion on online advertising.

  • Other sources of income

    In the balance sheet alongside Google online advertising only one sales segment called “Other” (Other) listed. Behind these sales of almost two billion dollars that no further breaks down Google, are after expert assessment, especially the charges from the Play Store that requires the Internet giant of the developers of Android apps and entertainment providers.

  • The services of the Internet giants

    Google search, G-mail, Google Maps, the online storage Google Drive, the smartphone operating system Android with the App Store Google Play: The list of Google services will be longer from year to year. In his secret labs, the group also is already working on other products such as a self-propelled car, or hot-air balloons, to be powered by the well backcountry with internet access.

Both organizers promise insights into their strategies, potential products and revenue opportunities. From former partners fierce competitors have become, each want to push their own standards and business models and for that need the support of the developer community.

The prelude for the big show running makes Google on Thursday with his two-day Google I / 0 Conference. Apple follows on June 8 and has an entire work week with events.

Offensive in Google Cloud

As in previous years leaves Google CEO Larry Page, the big stage Sundar Pichai. The 43 year-old product manager, responsible among other things for Android, Chrome and Google Apps, in addition to sales chief Omid Kordestani is currently the most influential Google Manager and is traded as a potential successor Page.

Economists expect that Pichai at his presentation focused on three major themes. On the one hand, as Google wants more penetration into the business with the company. Google infrastructure Chef Urs Hölzle hinted recently that they wanted to proceed much more aggressive against market leader Amazon Web Services cloud computing and not just as usual by regular price reductions, but by the offer of better security at polling and enter data, just the inclusion of mobile devices such as smartphones. The decisive factors are new features of Google Android, the dominant 80 percent global market share operating system for smartphones and tablets. Pichai is a preview of the latest version of Android – M – type, which should include, inter alia support for a fingerprint scanner, in response to Apple’s One Touch ID

Google Wallet sat not – now again the Internet giant is trying to mingle in the business mobile payment. . Google proposes With Android pay another way as a competitor Samsung a

This is accompanied Pichais second big topic – electronic and how they change payment solutions trade. After Google has been trying for years with limited success, to establish its digital payment solution Google Wallet in the market, is now making Android Pay helping hand. As allies, Google product manager, so expect at least Merill Lynch analyst Justin Post, but with AT & T to introduce, Verizon and T-Mobile, the three largest US mobile phone companies.

As with Paypal Pay dealer Android should be able to integrate into their own apps easier. The market is for Google centrally in order to be able to demonstrate in future advertising that this has led directly to purchases.

    The plans of the search engines giant 2015
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