Friday, May 29, 2015

Customer approach: KADEA uses video technology – Autohaus

The Automobilforum KADEA relies on video marketing. As the Berlin Ford dealer told, comes in the future, the system of the company “Citnow” to support sales at three central locations to use.

“The video service we are able to customers about our product range or to learn about repair costs personally, “said Managing Director Thomas Liebig KADEA. “This will create transparency and trust.” The dealership AVAG Holding operates four beach locations in the federal capital.

KADEA was the first major car dealers in Germany, the work with the system. In test runs “Citnow” have been “greatly contributed to increase conversion rates, build the trust of customers and improve customer loyalty sustainably,” said Liebig.

With the tool sellers can according to the supplier in 60 seconds Create a personalized video for customers. The system integrates and packages all relevant information in a single page with web link that can be sent via email or SMS. Thus, the navigation for the customer is just as easy and quick.

Expansion into Germany

“Citnow” was founded in 2008 and cooperates by its own account currently with 24 automakers and more than 2,000 dealers in Europe, including companies in France, Italy and the Netherlands. In the UK, the company is one of the largest providers of video-assisted services for the auto industry. 2014 had been sent to dealers customers worldwide more than one million personalized videos, it said.

“Citnow” wants to promote its activities in Europe. In Germany there is now in Berlin a tight fit with its own team. “Through our relationships with key OEM partners, we have created a great platform from which to benefit automotive trade organizations”, CEO Alistair Horsburgh said. (S)


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