Saturday, May 9, 2015

Apple Watch: processor from Samsung, technology already outdated – iTopnews

The Watch processor S1 is built with outdated technology and could be much more powerful in the future.

The US website Chipworks relented a teardown known more details about the S1 chip Apple Watch. Electricity produced by Samsung Chip (plan below) is probably built with a 28-nanometer process. However, this applies in processor technology already obsolete.


There are the Prozessorbau new technologies available, such as the 20-nanometer process the current A8 chips or even a 18-nanometer process, which is expected for an upcoming version of A9. In terms of performance of the S1 is therefore “only” on a par with the Apple A5 chip, which was built into the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2.

 iFixit Watch insides

With newer processes more transistors and thus more power can be accommodated on a platinum surface. Why Apple has not yet used this technology for the Watch, is unknown. But if they are used in the future, coming Watch generations should look forward to a significant performance boost.


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