Monday, May 4, 2015

Microsoft Hololens allegedly having slimmed technology – Gulli

Microsoft’s augmented reality glasses Hololens in January presented for the first time, fans and press were enthusiastic. The concept was new and interesting and you could not wait to learn more about the glasses there.


Hololens with hardware problems?


On the Build conference, which took place on April 29, Microsoft showed again Hololens and talked about what it will all be possible with the glasses. Press representatives were allowed to try the device again and were a little disappointed then. Because there have been changes – and not only for good


testers report that the holograms would look impressive in itself and interacting with them would fold outstanding – whether by gestures or by voice. However, the holograms can be seen in the current version of Hololens only in a relatively small box in the visual field. That would severely restrict to work with Hololens, because you have to move your head constantly.


According to testers, which also could try out in January, both the current version of the device as, this field has significantly reduced. In the version in January this box was significantly greater and you had the feeling to really have holograms in a room, not just in a small part of the field of view. It already come to rumors that this would be due to the hardware. This might not be powerful enough to enable a larger field with holograms.


Until Hololens comes on the market – probably before the end of the year – Microsoft has a little more time to optimize the hardware. The disappointment would however probably relatively high when you put on your glasses and holograms expected around them, but they appear only in a small box and you would have to move constantly, to pursue other holograms around him. This would be worse for games where you need a large field of view. / Off


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