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Nobel Laureate: math genius John Nash is dead – Wirtschaftswoche

His idea of ​​game theory in the 1950s revolutionized the economics and earned him the 1994 Nobel Prize for Economics. Now John Forbes Nash died in a car accident.

The US mathematician and Nobel Prize winner John Forbes Nash was killed in a car accident not far from New York died. This was confirmed by the police in New Jersey on Sunday. Previously reported the regional news service that the 86-year-old and his wife Alicia (82) on Saturday (local time) in a taxi on a drive from the university town of Princeton (New Jersey) accident.

On one side said John Forbes Nash in 1950 his game theory and revolutionized the article in the prestigious US journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” (PNAS) the entire economic and social science. Using game theory and Nash’s ideas decision grid with mathematical precision can be produced by light – an impressive knowledge and with just 21

game theory and experimental research among the key disciplines of economics. Pioneer was the US economist John F. Nash – a man who suffered from schizophrenia

1994 Nash was for the Nobel Prize for Economics. awarded. The following year, he joined the Department of Mathematics at Princeton, where he worked until recently. The brilliant scientists struggled for many years to treat schizophrenia and has been supplied in this period of his wife.

Nobel laureate economist by nations

  • Place 5: Seven Nations

    Germany, France, India, Israel, Canada, the Netherlands and the Soviet Union have been so far ever a Nobel laureate. . The only German winner was Reinhard Selten, who won the Award 1994

  • 4th place: Sweden

    Gunnar Myrdal was awarded the prize in 1974 together with Friedrich Hayek for work in the field of monetary and economic theory. . Bertil Ohlin received it in 1977 for his work in the field of theory of international trade and international capital movement

  • 3rd place: Norway

    Ragnar Frisch (1969), Trygve Magnus Haavelmo (1989) and Finn E. Kydland (2004) were the winners . from Norway

  • Place 2: UK

    From Great Britain came so far nine economics Nobel laureate -. including the native Austrian Friedrich Hayek, Ronald Coase and finally Christopher Pissarides

  • 1st place: USA

    In the United States went up to 2013 53 Nobel prizes – including legendary economists such as Kenneth Arrow, Milton Friedman, Herbert Simon, James Tobin and John Nash.

His story and the love relationship with his wife was filmed in “A Beautiful Mind” in 2001. In the film, based on a biography by Sylvia Nasar, he is played by Hollywood star Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly Alicia from. Crowe reported to Twitter to speak. “Stunned”, he wrote in a Tweet. “My heart goes out to John, Alicia and the family. An impressive partnership. Wonderful spirit, wonderful heart.”


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