Friday, May 8, 2015

Revolutionary battery technology for Wearables: Swatch battery is months … – t3n Magazine

Swatch works by its own account on a “revolutionary” battery for use in wearables such as smart watches, but also in cars. The perennial battery will come on the market next year.

Swatch: Apple Watch is an opportunity for watchmaker

The CEO of the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch, Nick Hayek said in an interview with the Swiss business magazine that he Apple Watch less as a threat, but the trend towards SmartWatch looks more as an opportunity for the Swiss watchmaker. The Apple Watch was rather “a remote control for the mobile phone,” said Hayek. In addition, Swatch would be named in the same breath as the Apple Watch what concern especially in the US for interest.

 Swatch Touch Zero One to Watch Apple defy (Photo.: Swatch)
The” Swatch Touch Zero One “to the Apple Watch defy. (Image: Swatch)

Swatch disputes the SmartWatch competition with their own smart watches. The Group has announced new watches with NFC module in March this year, which can be paid to non-contact. Announced competitive advantage by durable battery

At the same time has Swatch CEO Hayek: The first in this series, the “Swatch Touch Zero One” should hit the market in May

Swatch. his company working on a revolutionary battery: “Who brings a battery on the market with which one half a year does not have to charge a smart clock, which has a competitive advantage,” says Hayek in discussion with the trade newspaper. The Swatch-owned research company Belenos and the battery manufacturer Renata are already working intensively on a corresponding solution to come to market in the coming year.

Hayek, however, has no further details on the battery or the underlying technology announced , Just this: The battery is not only in smart watches, but also in cars can be used.



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