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Tuesday, 05/05/2015

soil quality, plant breeding and even weeding: All of this can the autonomous agricultural robot ‘BoniRob’. Now its developers have been awarded in the European Robotics Forum with a price.

The BoniRob apps can in the platform means
 mechanical and electrical interfaces are integrated.
© Amazone

The agricultural robot BoniRob is now in cooperation with the University of Osnabrück and Amazone of the Bosch spin-off “Deep Field Robotics” developed and produced in series. The autonomous agricultural robot platform “BoniRob” now reached the “2015 euRobotics Technology Transfer Award” took second place among the best research projects in robotics area. But the bonuses-Rob is no longer just a simple field robot, but its inventors have now developed a whole “app” concept.

“It enables the use of multiple modules on the common autonomous, ie automatic, carrier platform.” Explains Dr. Arno Ruckelshausen of Hochschule Osnabrück.

Apps around the plant

The platform includes a number apps for ground measurements for precise spraying plants, for plant breeding and even for mechanical weed control. “BoniRob enables resource-efficient – ecologically and economically oriented -. Agricultural processes, of course, under the supervision of people and largely automated,” says Ruckelshausen. Corner of the Technology Transfer Award was finally
 Business start-up Deep Field Robotics as Bosch subsidiary,
 which based on the research results of the innovative market
 Agricultural robotics targeted.

Boni-Rob has many conveyor

Among the sponsors of the research project BoniRob counts the Federal Ministry and the Federal Agency for Agriculture and nutrition. In addition, the EU and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research support the research. The European Technology Transfer Award is not the first award of the robot platform. As early as 2012 received BoniRob a prize of the “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas”, also were several students who wrote their theses within the project, student awards

Helpful agricultural Apps:.


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