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Good quarter for technology IPOs – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

This year seems a good for to be tech stocks – so far at least. The Tec-Dax has risen 22 percent. The Dax is only 19 percent in positive territory. In the United States, a similar picture emerges. The Nasdaq Composite has gained about 6 percent of its value – be it by the weakness of the euro against the dollar from a European perspective 15 percent. For the Dow Jones Index, the Plus amounts to 2 and 11 percent.

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In addition, the first quarter 2015 for technology IPOs, the second strongest in five years. This has established the auditing and consulting company PWC. Around the world, 23 technology companies had gone public and have thereby achieved $ 6.1 billion in proceeds. Acquired all IPOs that have a volume of 40 million dollars or more. Overall, therefore dared technology companies from eleven countries to jump on the trading floor. The largest IPOs in the sector would be distributed with three debuts evenly on China, the United States and Europe, it said by PWC.

The largest IPO of the quarter, there has been thus in the United Kingdom. The Online Marketplace Autotrader Group went for 2.4 billion to the London Stock Exchange. Overall, IPOs with European participation have summed according PWC to 3 billion dollars. The had 38 percent more than in the same quarter last year. While in China, the issue volume (1.1 billion) has increased compared to last year, both the number of IPOs and the volume (1.4 billion) in the United States fell.

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Most technology companies are in their home on the market. This also applies to China, it is said of PWC. The new regulatory requirements required for an IPO no prior consent of the authorities more. Overall, therefore, chose only three of about two dozen newcomers a foreign trade center. As in the past four years the software and Internet has lain back on top. Here, there have been eight debuts loud PWC – one third of all IPOs. The area has produced approximately 56 percent of the total issue proceeds of 3.4 billion dollars.

Technology stocks were often the early cyclical and volatile stocks, says Werner Ballhaus, Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications. In the current fluctuation joyful market environment it is not easy, therefore, to find the right time for an IPO. In addition, the company also stand money from other sources. In his view, the technology IPOs are therefore likely to move in 2015 to a relatively high level, but remain below the record levels of the previous year. In September 2014, the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, the largest IPO of all time had been $ 25 billion in New York. Currently, the stock cost $ 87. Compared to the issue price makes this an increase of 28 percent.

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