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Re: publica 2015: Internet activists between utopia and digital everyday – Wirtschaftswoche

Activist tones on the re: publica. The diagnosis is devastating: “The system is broken,” says the US intellectuals Zuckerman. Minister Hendricks contradicts. In many projects, change is concrete.

The message is: “A better world is possible”. Convinced of the transformative power of communication in the network on Tuesday more than 6,000 people to the Re: publica met. In the crowded hall on the former site of the Dresden station they listen to the US intellectuals Ethan Zuckerman and his call to transform their distrust of the ruling system in force for a fundamental systemic change.

“The system is broken,” says the guest of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). “It’s the challenge of our generation, to build a better world.” So far, it had not been able to establish new ways of policy making on the Internet – that was one of the biggest disappointments of the past 20 years. “But it is our duty to be engaged and skeptical critics of our governments.” The start with the use of technology for the anonymous and encrypted communication, advises of the 42-year-old co-founder of the international blogger platform globalvoices.org. Next logical step was the participation of new social protest movements.

Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks (SPD) contradicts in an interview with Deutsche Presse-Agentur diagnosis from broken system. “. The ability to change is always present in democratic systems, the processes must be only transparent”

impetus for change hopes to re: publica-co Markus Beckedahl of the current debate on revelations “that have probably worked out our own intelligence services much more with the NSA, when we actually knew.” Now you should not be limited to finding the guilty, admonished the blogger (netzpolitik.org). “We need a phase-out of total surveillance!”

After the great appeals of the conference enters the work on digital life. Minister Hendricks, the Internet campaign using the hashtag (keyword) “ziek” before “. Together it is climate change” awareness to global warming is all well and good – but “? How to get the information for action” asks Laura Holzäpfel, blogger at reset.org. The Minister replied: “We can not be more than hope that the spark jumps.” She calls the Internet community to to accompany the now incipient discussion process to Parisians UN Climate Change Conference from November 30 actively and critically to 11 December.

More support will the global scene dedicated to the many people, “the search for a safe life in Europe because of poverty, hunger and war”, as it says the Berlin blogger Johnny Haeussler right at the beginning. However, there is already a kind of become accustomed, “that we have at the borders to deal with a humanitarian catastrophe”, criticized the Hamburg sociologist Vassilis Tsianos. On stage, the Syrian refugee Mohamad Al Ashrafani reported on his experiences. Even if he felt well received in Germany, there were many problems. For eight months, he was waiting for his hearing.

Five Technology Trends 2015

  • “1.5″


    Portable technologies are selling far more sluggish. The already proclaimed by experts SmartWatch age can so far in coming. Important for success: The smart watches to look discreetly and be of high quality. The supply is not long since all devices and also the watch Apple Watch, which appears in the spring, is not perfect. Thanks to the Apple disciples they should be but sell better than competing models. Whether this is sufficient for the breakthrough of the SmartWatch, remains to be seen. Finally, there it since 2013. Whether we ever want to wear on your wrist this technique, probably chooses 2015th

  • Mobile Payment

    short-range radio technology NFC (Near Field Communication) is convenient, cheap and already available, yet the Germans did not even grab the mobile wallet. No matter what the previous NFC payment services – whether Mastercard, Paypal or Telekom – no one could persuade consumers to date. Again, Apple comes with its “Apple pay” in 2015 to Europe. But even here there are many reasons why it is also nothing could be this year, as strong consumer distrust and involved too few companies.

  • 3D printer

    You have 2014 markets flooded, conquered the transactions and reaches consumers. Meanwhile, 3D printers are even downright cheap and to have for their own use. With the price but at the same time seems to dwindle the hype. 3D printers could 2015 therefore not only lose its exclusive price but also their popularity.

  • Service drones

    You could already fly over our rooftops – Amazon would be thrilled, but that should be a long time. To use civilian drones would be no problem, but our regulations will not allow that so quickly. The car service Uber is the best example of how new ideas that break old rules, rather in court land as they make money.

  • The Internet of Things

    We bring technology into objects – this is the Internet of Things, Briefly. Already in 2014 there was a huge topic on tech conferences. In 2015 is expected to clearly win on growth, but when it will convince the users remains to be seen. . The experts are definitely already hooked

If the Re: become publica activist ? The net activist Stephan Urbach does not. “We still live in a very convenient time, but know that this can change in ten years.” Appeals as of Zuckerman had little effect – because “if we would already revolt that would be comfortable with the times past even faster “.

For example, the network scene celebrates in Berlin especially himself.” This is more like a festival than a conference, “said the activist network Raul Krauthausen. . “Re: publica is one of the few events in which people with disabilities can be present naturally where inclusion reality is already”

Krauthausen has already shown that the net what can only be achieved with a small step towards a better world: The web application can wheelmap.org wheelchairs check in around the world, which places they can reach without problems



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