Wednesday, September 21, 2016

ZF is building a technology centre in India – SÜDKURIER Online

The Friedrichshafen-based automotive supplier ZF continues to expand its Position as a major technology supplier to the commercial vehicle industry. The fact Stefan Sommer, CEO of ZF, said, at the trade fair IAA commercial vehicles in Hanover. The ZF-chief also announced that the group will establish in India a technology center.

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the products of the ZF group’s commercial vehicles, see, think, and act – and provide the key technologies for Autonomous driving functions, such as the company has announced. This becomes clear with the Innovation Truck, 2016. The concept car realized advanced driver assistance systems – including world’s first brake and back – up assistant for heavy-duty vehicles. For the expansion of your Expertise in the fields of sensor, control electronics and mechatronic systems, the Acquisition of the US company TRW in the year 2015 was an important milestone.

He is continuing currently in addition, the investments by investments and acquisitions. So, ZF of the Lidar specialists, Ibeo, and in addition, the Friedrichshafen-based Software company double slash has been involved. In addition, ZF is advancing the Acquisition of the Swedish commercial vehicle supplier Haldex. “We want a friendly Takeover and have the consent of Haldex’s management,” Sommer said at a press conference at the IAA, in the presence of the Haldex CEO Bo Annvik.

ZF is pushing for the electrification of the vehicle powertrain. Series production technologies for Hybrid or purely electric drives cover all application areas and market needs, such as ZF. “We put our products in the major Trends of the automation, networking, security, and electrification,” said summer in Hanover, Germany.

“Our innovation focus is on intelligent mechatronic systems, we are offering a Hand and contribute significantly to a mobile world without emissions, and accidents.” At the IAA, ZF presented the “Innovation Truck, 2016″. In the case of the concept, ZF has transferred so far from the Car, all known technologies for application in heavy commercial vehicles. By means of sensor fusion, the Innovation Truck is able to recognise the environment is three-dimensional and reliable, the data is processed in its electronic “high performance brain”, and implements the commands by means of advanced Mechanics – including the electrified propulsion system and the steering direct.

the Portfolio of such intelligent systems from a single source to extend, ZF is expanding its strategic competencies: Since the 2015 completion of the Acquisition of the US company TRW has expanded the range of mechatronic systems in the group, and in the future, ZF will continue to expand the range of actuators strategically. For this purpose, the planned Acquisition of Haldex, for example, such as ZF, tells more.

in addition, ZF has announced the construction of a Tech center in India. By 2020, a total of 2500 engineers will assist you in Hyderabad, the global Engineering network of the ZF group. A key focus will be Software development, in order to make electronic control systems in vehicles, intelligent.


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